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Make-Ahead Casserole Recipes

There’s nothing better than having dinner ready to go on a busy night. Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey casserole? Especially casserole recipes that can either be tossed in the fridge till dinner the next day, or frozen for weeks (or months)!

To me, casseroles are one of the best comfort foods out there, and make-ahead casserole recipes are the best. THE BEST!

Chicken noodle casserole in a serving dish

A friend who’s due any day with her second baby recently asked me if I’d help her prep a few freezer meals to tuck away until after the baby’s born.

(For the record, I was not that smart with my food prep. For either child.)

Those of you who’ve raised babies must remember what it’s like those first six to eight weeks after the baby’s born. Every single day is made up of eating, sleeping, diapering and changing baby clothes. I mean, you barely have enough time to grab a shower, let alone pull together a home cooked dinner — right? Even take-out can seem like a chore…

Welcoming a new baby isn’t the only time make-ahead casseroles can be a lifesaver.

Even during a regular work week, having something ready-to-go in freezer chest to toss into the oven can be the difference between a harried mess of a night and a calm, relaxing evening.

Or, you know, have it stocked just because. You don’t even need a reason to have frozen casseroles at hand.

Have some make-ahead casserole recipes lined up to prep and freeze so they’re at the ready when the stakes are high.

It’s a terrific way to get dinner on the table without also losing your mind (which may happen anyway, but at least you won’t be able to blame the food!).

Make-Ahead Casserole Recipes

Make-ahead casserole recipe options for dinner, sides and breakfast! Each of these dishes can be covered tightly with aluminum foil and frozen just before the baking step.

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