Easy Christmas cookies decorated on a platter.
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100 Easy Christmas Cookies

Last updated on November 27, 2023 by Liza Hawkins

This holiday season make a few of these easy Christmas cookies to give as gifts and to enjoy at home!

It can be argued that the tradition of giving Christmas cookies started in Medieval times, as winter solstice rituals transformed into holiday celebrations. 

Just like today, food was an integral part of gatherings in those days. With a shift into celebrations instead of ritual, the parties became grander — less about sustenance before a bleak winter and more about feasting together to ring in the season.

Easy Christmas cookies decorated on a platter.

Back in those days, sugar was considered a delicacy reserved for important occasions, and Christmas was one of the most important.

Unlike pies and cakes, cookies were more portable and easily shared with friends and family.

Most modern day Christmas dinners don’t end with cookies, but we’ve still carried on the tradition of baking cookies with the intent to share among family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, school bus drivers, favorite delivery drivers … the list goes on and on!

Sugar cookies with sprinkles — easy Christmas cookies to make.

100 Easy Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is a holiday tradition that so many people cherish year after year.

Growing up, my extended family lived within fifteen minutes of each other in the Washington D.C. suburbs. In early December we’d gather together and spend an entire Saturday baking all kinds of cookies, then package them up in themed tins to give out as gifts to neighbors and friends.

Obviously we’d each take a big box home, too.

My favorites were the iced sugar cookies and snowball cookies, but I have a soft spot for all the varieties we’d make each season like pinwheels, mini chocolate chip cookies and chocolate crinkles.

Even though making the same recipes over and over is fun, I also like finding new ones to add to the mix — the only catch is, they have to be easy to make!

100 Easy Christmas Cookies

This holiday season make a few of these easy Christmas cookies to give as gifts and to enjoy at home! Be sure to scroll to the bottom if you're looking for some vegan recipes to add to your collection. Happy baking!

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