Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel
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Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel

Last updated on December 7, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

One of many highlights of moving out to The Farm is that we now have Cooking Channel, which, my friends, means a whole new world of programming that reminds me of the good ol’ days of Food Network.

I’m definitely digging the Good Eats syndication and old school Alton Brown, for sure.

But, I’ve also found new shows that I’m enjoying. Like, Extra Virgin.

Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel
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What is it about Extra Virgin in particular?

I’m definitely a sucker for some Italian food, specifically Tuscan. What do they cook together? TUSCAN FOOD. Pasta, seafood, pesto, polenta – you name it, I’m drooling. They’re Gabriele’s (that’s ga-breee-elle-ay’s) mother’s and grandmother’s recipes, mostly. Love that.

Also, where in the world do I know Debi Mazar from? She’s so familiar to me, and yet I can’t quite place from where. Oh YEAH! Goodfellas. Law & Order. Entourage. Ugly Betty. The Insider. EMPIRE RECORDS. (Okay, I’m dating myself.)

And they live in Brooklyn, which I wasn’t particularly fond of, nor even familiar with, until my sister and her husband (the urban farmers) moved there two years ago. I wrote about that move along with a recipe for Key Lime Pie back in 2013. Because nothing goes together like Brooklyn and pie. (Huh?)

Family. They got married the year we did (2002), and seem very much in love still. They have two daughters who travel back and forth to Italy with them (must be nice), but otherwise everyone seems pretty normal. I just think that’s really nice to see these days. You know?

Plus, that theme song is catchy. Like, ear worm catchy. On second thought, I’m not sure that’s a good thing…. Maybe it is. Not.

Extra Virgin on Cooking Channel, that’s my new fave. Got any “can’t miss” cooking shows you’ve been watching lately?

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