Clever And Modern Ways To Store Spices
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Clever And Modern Ways To Store Spices

My spices are a mess. They’ve taken over half of a shelf in my pantry cabinet, and I can never read any of the labels, except for one or two bottles right in front.

Outside of that cabinet, I have a few that live haphazardly on the counter right by the stove—where it’s convenient to grab while cooking, but messy to look at.

Clever And Modern Ways To Store Spices

I currently use an old, hand-me-down, two-tiered turntable thingy (not this one, but like that one) on the shelf in the pantry. It helps with organization to a degree, but isn’t quite what I need for the dozens upon dozens of spice bottles and canisters.


Each quarter, I create a Houzz Ideabook. It seemed fitting, given my dilemma, that for September, I try to tackle this issue of spice disarray.

I need some clever and modern ways to store spices. I need inspiration! This Ideabook helps tremendously.

And, I bet after you see what’s available these days, you’ll be inspired, too!

Disclosure: I’m compensated for putting together quarterly Ideabooks for Houzz, but the story, theme, and all the picks are my own! 

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