A Kitchen Inspired By A New England Shore House
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A Kitchen Inspired by a New England Shore Cottage

Last updated on August 26, 2020 by Liza Hawkins

I grew up spending August at my grandparents’ New England shore cottage in Groton Long Point (GLP), Connecticut. I treasure those memories of historic cedar shake houses that lined the beaches and lagoon.

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A Kitchen Inspired By A New England Shore House

The sound of distant fog horns from offshore boats, and the crisp, pale, comfortable decor in which the interior of every house was dressed.

A Kitchen Inspired By A New England Shore House

We ate our weight in lobsters, steamers, and my grandmother’s Hawaiian steak. We visited Mystic (and, yes, ate at the famous Mystic Pizza – which really is a thing). It was soooo good.

A Kitchen Inspired By A New England Shore House

GLP felt “beachy” without the stereotypical palm trees and seashell motifs you usually see at beach houses. We spent the days riding our coasting bikes around the point, stopping at its little beaches and searching for sea glass (and smiling with delight when we found a red or a blue piece). I always thought sea glass would make a really cool back splash … if only I had enough!

A Kitchen Inspired By A New England Shore House

Things were comfortable without feeling worn. Shabby chic before that was even a thing! I would let the hours drift by curled up with a great book, enjoying the sweet and salty shore breeze through all the open windows (no air conditioning in these houses!).

With my picks this Houzz Ideabook, it’s easy to bring the same simple and classy beach vibe into your own kitchen. Take a peek for some coastal New England inspiration!



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