4 tips to organize your pantry: group and store things intuitively!
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4 Tips To Organize Your Pantry

Last updated on February 24, 2019 by Liza Hawkins

Guest post by Erin Holdgate, from Zillow®.

Was Emeril Live still airing new episodes the last time you saw the back of your pantry? Did it take an hour to find that can of beans you bought for a special recipe? Do you dread unpacking groceries because you have no idea how or where they’ll fit?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, review these tips to quickly organize your pantry!

1. Empty it out.

4 tips to organize your pantry: start by clearing off the shelves and cleaning it up!
Source: Econize Closets on Zillow Digs®

Organizing your pantry while it’s full is kind of like making your bed while you’re still in it.

Going shelf by shelf will make it a little harder to identify organizational inefficiencies or wasted space.

Only when it’s completely cleared out will you be able to see the space in its entirety.

Take the time now to empty it and clean it from top to bottom; you’ll thank yourself when it’s over!

Grab a trash bag for anything that’s expired, and a box for canned food drive donations.

Wipe down the whole space and then add some lining paper or, if you’re up to it, a fresh layer of paint to the shelves.

2. Group and store things intuitively.

4 tips to organize your pantry: group and store things intuitively!
Source: Closet Factory on Zillow Digs®

Now that you’ve got a clean, empty pantry, and the contents are strewn about all other kitchen surfaces, it’s time to start sorting.

Begin by making piles based on category, as you would find them sorted at the store. For example: canned goods, baking supplies, sauces and condiments.

Now think about each pile in terms of frequency of use.

Does it make sense to keep your spices in the pantry, or would they be better used with the cooking oils on the counter next to the stove?

Whatever you use on a daily basis should be most accessible.

Finally, if you have kids, be mindful of what’s within their reach.

Store liquor bottles on the top shelf, and heavy items on the floor where they can’t fall. Keep kids’ snacks on the bottom shelf for easy access.

3. Add surface area.

4 tips to organize your pantry: add surface area!
Source: Terracotta Design Build on Zillow Digs®

Unless your pantry was custom designed, you’re likely working with fixed shelves that have an arbitrary amount of space between them.

Now’s the time to get creative with design and make surface area out of thin air.

Stackable shelving and under-shelf baskets are a great way to capitalize on unused vertical space, plus create storage solutions for the smaller items in your pantry.

Over-the-door shoe organizers are popular for a lot more than just shoes, and Lazy Susans and other revolving units can finally put that hard-to-reach corner to use.

If you decide to compartmentalize with boxes and baskets, don’t be afraid to go label-crazy.

It will save you from a daily game of hide-and-seek.

4. Maintain it often.

4 tips to organize your pantry: group and store things intuitively!
Source: Bill Bisset on Zillow Digs®

Now that you have a clean, thoughtfully organized pantry, the hardest part might be preserving it.

Try to set aside fifteen minutes per week to tidy it up, which will save you from having to do another major overhaul next month.

Finally, if applicable, discuss the new organizational procedure with your family members or roommates.

4 Tips to Organize Your Pantry: 1. Empty it out; 2. Group and store things intuitively; 3. Add surface area; 4. Maintain it often. Happy organizing!

If your like-new pantry has inspired you to take on more clutter, explore other ways to make the rest of your kitchen follow suit!

Guest post by Erin Holdgate, from Zillow®.

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