Josie and Shawn at the Farmers' Market with Truffula Seed Produce
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Support The Buy Local Challenge With Local Farmers’ Markets In Maryland

There’s nothing I like more than talking about the fabulousness of buying local things. Especially Maryland local things.

Even though I’ve lived other places, I grew up in Maryland, and I have so much love for the state as my “home” state.

Within a three hour span, you can visit the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and also the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west. There are rolling hills that are perfect for horse farms, and quaint historic downtown main streets.

And, Annapolis isn’t only our state capital, it’s also America’s Sailing Capital!

Go Local in Maryland: Annapolis

We also have lots of farmers here, even though Maryland is relatively small compared to so many other states. Sure, you won’t find the same spans of corn and wheat fields that pepper the Midwest. But you will find lots of smaller, family run operations that manage CSAs and spend weekends (and weekdays!) at farmers’ markets selling their bounty.


The Maryland Office of Tourism announced an initiative from July 18-26, designed to get consumers to buy, eat or showcase at least one locally farm-grown food each day during the challenge week. Those looking to support Maryland farmers can take part in the state’s annual Buy Local Challenge. Individuals, restaurants, stores, businesses and even hospitals can pledge to buy, eat or showcase at least one locally farm-grown food each day during the challenge week and share their progress through social media, using the hashtag #BuyLocalChallenge.

The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission established the Challenge eight years ago to promote healthy eating and support the local economy.

July happens to be the prime time to visit farmers’ markets in Maryland. With tons of produce at its peak, the options for seasonal variety in both fruits and vegetables seems nearly endless!

On Saturdays in Westminster, you can hit up the Carroll County Farmers’ Market—the second oldest farmers’ market in Maryland. When my sister and her husband were farming here as Truffula Seed Produce (we live near Westminster), they had a booth at this farmers’ market. It’s a great market, filled with lots of produce options, and also things like flowers, artisan breads, cheeses, and more!

Farmers' Markets in Maryland: Josie and Shawn at the Farmers' Market with Truffula Seed Produce

If you’re looking for other ways to support the Buy Local Challenge, dining at farm-to-table restaurants like Founding Farmers, VOLT, and Woodberry Kitchen is a wondering option! And…YUM!!! Click here for all the information about participating and/or supporting restaurants.

For more details on farmers’ markets in Maryland, and to find one near you, click here.

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  • Jack

    Being a Native Californian, Los Angeles in particular I have long been proud of our ability to hit the sea, mountains and desert in a single day.

    Of course it is not really something people do, but we like to say we could if we wanted to.

    Anyhow, I hadn’t really thought about it being something that the East coast could do too, but it makes sense. Glad you brought that to my attention, I always like Maryland, might as well add it to my list.

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