Vintage Floral Charm In Your Modern Kitchen
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Vintage Floral Charm In Your Modern Kitchen

Last updated on March 26, 2015 by Liza Hawkins

I’m a practical person in so many ways, and that carries over to my [mostly] timeless design style. If I even have a definable style to my home decor, that is…

Vintage Floral Charm In Your Modern Kitchen

The base style of my kitchen is kind of a traditional modern, if there is such a thing in that oxymoronic statement. It’s plain, but not boring. That said, one of my favorite ways to give little unique flair (I may like timeless, but I don’t like “plain Jane”) is to throw in a touch of vintage charm that makes an unexpected statement in my modern (not boring, not sleek and urban) kitchen.

Adding a little vintage, Downton-esque charm can be as simple as a using a set of cloth place mats, filling a hand painted ceramic vase with fresh cut hydrangeas, or hanging a stained glass panel in front of a kitchen window. Or, maybe you want something a little more daring, like highlighting a wall with a fun antique floral print wallpaper.

Whatever route you go, make sure it delights! That’s what’s important. Take a peek at my latest Houzz Ideabook for a little inspiration:

Disclosure: I’m compensated for putting together quarterly Ideabooks for Houzz, but all the picks and opinions are my own! 

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  1. This is very similar to my own personal style. I have to downplay the “old lady flowers”, though, because my husband hates them. 😉 But I would live in a Downton-inspired kitchen if I could!

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