Finlandia Imported Butter - perfect for slathering on homemade bread!
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Easy Homemade Bread Recipes To Enjoy With Imported Finlandia Butter

Last updated on June 16, 2017 by Liza Hawkins

This yummy post about homemade bread recipes and imported butter is sponsored by Finlandia Butter. Is there anything better than warm, crusty bread and creamy, melty, gourmet imported butter?

Finlandia Imported Butter - perfect for slathering on homemade bread!

I’d argue that bread and butter is one of the best food pairings on the face of the planet, especially a crusty homemade bread that’s fresh out of the oven…still steaming. The butter melts into the crevices, and all the little nooks and crannies, dripping down your chin with each soft and chewy bite.

It’s divine, really.

Easy Homemade Bread Recipes

Making loaves of French and Italian bread at home isn’t as hard as you think. (I know! I was surprised too, before giving it a whirl myself.) With a couple packets of yeast, a really hot oven, some flour, and a little time (just a little, promise), you too can enjoy this dreamy “fresh bread and imported butter” experience with Finlandia Butter at home!

Homemade French Bread

I wanted something that doesn’t need a day to prepare, or even hours. I wanted to find a recipe that if, on a whim, I wanted French bread for dinner and I had about an hour’s notice, I could make it.

Well, here it is! Mmmm…French bread. Keep reading…

How To Make Easy Homemade French Bread

Homemade Italian Bread

I’m the type that needs Italian bread with my pasta, or at least a baguette – I’m not picky. I checked my pantry, and low and behold, I had one packet of yeast left. One packet’s enough to make one loaf of Italian bread, I told myself.

But what I really wondered was whether or not I’d be able to find a recipe for homemade Italian bread that didn’t take hours and hours to prep and bake. And sure enough, I did! Keep reading…

Easy Homemade Italian Bread

More about Finlandia Imported Butter

Finlandia Butter provides authentic flavor still made the old fashioned way. With pure fresh milk from cows cared for on small Finnish family-owned farms. Nothing artificial. No added Hormones.

Cows At Pasture

This creamy, delicious butter starts with the purest milk in Europe from small Finnish family-owned farms where the cows are treated humanely and not given rBST or any artificial hormones. The fresh milk is carefully churned and cooled to a perfect temperature that creates a delightfully creamy flavor and smooth texture.

Chosen by the most discriminating French chefs to create their famous baked goods and croissants, Finlandia Imported Butter is the ultimate butter for baking, cooking and especially, eating!

Finlandia Salted Butter is a delicious, all-natural premium butter. Spread it on a piece of crusty Italian bread or use it for your special baked goods.

Find Finlandia Butter locally at ShopRite stores, including: Shaw’s Supermarket, A & P Supermarket, Pathmark Supermarket, and The Food Emporium.

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