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100 Calorie Pumpkin Rolls with Maple Icing from

Last updated on October 11, 2014 by Liza Hawkins

I repinned a recipe on Pinterest yesterday for pumpkin rolls that didn’t get a lot of attention via repins and likes on Pinterest, but created a little buzz on Facebook among my friends.


I realized after the repin that the recipe came from Fox News; they had reprinted the recipe on their website’s food section, and it wasn’t an original, home-crafted one.

I’m not trying to say it was an illegitimate post on their part; was noted and tagged, and they even linked to within the article – not directly to the recipe page, mind you, just the website main page.

So, who knows.

Anyway, I ended up pinning the original recipe to my “Recipes to Try / Food Porn” board,  even though the identical photo from Fox News is posted right next to it. I like crediting the original source whenever possible, and I have a really hard time promoting anything “Fox News.” Not a fan. Sorry gang.

Since others quickly repinned and commented on the original pin, I can’t bring myself to delete it.

So, there it is.

Any – YUM! Do these pumpkin rolls look amazing, or WHAT?!

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