6 Reasons You Should Consider (Or Continue) Eating Vegan Food
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6 Reasons You Should Consider (Or Continue) Eating Vegan Food

Last updated on October 5, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

Chef Christopher is back with a new guest post about the benefits of incorporating vegan food into your diet. Enjoy! – Liza

“Smart” is the new “sexy” and opting for vegan foods can be one of the smartest ways to fuel your body and also get oodles of health benefits.

Are you addicted to vegan food? I, too, am in love with those plant-based foods, as they can be the richest source of nutrients and are absolutely environment-friendly—nothing is better than consuming veggies in your diet.

If you’re looking to lose weight or get in shape, then switching to vegan diet could help you greatly in achieving that goal.

Apart from optimizing all benefits of the vegan diet, you might also want research diet plans, and if so, you can get your hands on various Nutrisystem coupon codes to get diet plans at discounted rates.

That said, eating a diet comprised of vegan food has other great benefits beyond the potential for weight loss!

Keep incorporating vegan food into your repertoire and take a note from these points that there are numerous reasons you don't need to shift to animal products. Check out these 6 reasons you should consider (or continue) eating vegan food!

6 Reasons You Should Consider (Or Continue) Eating Vegan Food

1. Improves Stamina

Unlike dairy products and meats, vegan foods have few saturated fats and that can improve your health extensively.

When a body takes in less saturated fat, and then consumes carbohydrates, fiber, protein, folate, antioxidants, etc., nutrients get active and can help boost your body’s stamina and give you the energy you need to stay active.

2. Cost-friendly And Delicious

Fruits and vegetables are delicious and can provide our taste buds with extravagant flavors.

Vegan foods can be quite affordable, especially if you prepare fresh food rather than buy prepackaged.

Eating locally and seasonally can help keep produce costs down, too.

Meats and dairy products are generally more expensive than vegan foods.

3. Look Great And Feel Great

Vegan food contains a ton of nutrients that can help keep your body toned.

And apart from your body’s fitness level, vegan foods can also improve your skin health, aid in eliminating body odor, and make your hair and nails stronger.

4. Eat Vegan Food And Live Longer

Several studies show that people who eat vegan foods can live longer than meat-eaters.

By eating vegan foods you’re potentially boosting your longevity.

5. Make Earth A Better Place To Live

In our world, animals are (and have been) killed for consumption.

If you choose vegan options, that’s not the case—for consumption or for vegan products.

Plus, breeding animals for use as a food source requires more resources (the land they need, plus the land to grow the food they eat) than those for growing plants for human consumption only.

Eating a plant-based diet can be a better option since it keeps bio-diversity undisturbed artificially, which is good for the planet earth.

Greener is better!

6. Fights Diseases

Eating a healthy vegan diet improves your body’s immunity and can help you naturally fight against a number of diseases.

Here are a few ways:

The bottom line is, enjoying the perks of the vegan food (and loving it!) is an amazing feeling.

Keep incorporating vegan food into your repertoire and take a note from these points that there are numerous reasons you don’t need to shift to animal products.

About the author: Christopher is a well known professional chef and professional blogger too, and here he is sharing reasons you should consider (or continue) eating vegan food!

Hi, I'm Liza — a self-proclaimed word-nerd who loves getting lost in whimsical stories and epic movies. I have laid-back, practical attitude towards life and am always on the hunt for good eats, easy recipes, binge-worthy shows, relaxing road trip destinations, the perfect fizzy gin cocktail, and time to finish my novel!

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  1. First off, you are in violation of FTC Guidelines as you must disclose BEFORE any of your affiliate links – not at the end of a post. The FTC is very clear and you give bloggers a bad name by being unethical. Do you just not care to keep up on the law or do you think you’re above it?

    Next, the studies your quotes are ridiculous. As someone who has actually gotten a PhD in a scientific field, please stop spreading misinformation based upon your opinions. It is maddening that vegans with an agenda will lie to spread their messages.

    Just write what you don’t like killing animals and you *think* it is better.

    What a disappointment.

    1. Hi “A Scientist”! You are correct that the affiliate link disclosure needs to move to the top — an edit that is forthcoming. Note, this particular post has zero affiliate links in it, though I get that you wouldn’t know one way or the other. Appreciate your reminder and I’m moving that adjustment up on my “to do” list for today.

      As for spreading a vegan agenda, I am personally an omnivore, as I’m sure you can see from the myriad of meat and dairy recipes on my blog, along with vegetarian options. I didn’t share this guest post to try and persuade anyone to become vegan (which includes a lifestyle change in addition to a dietary change — as I’m sure you know, being a PhD in a scientific field). Rather, it’s sharing some benefits for eating vegan foods, and giving thought to a different perspective and an alternative diet.

      Appreciate your thoughts, and for reading! Feel free to pop back with quotes and links to studies that you believe are less ridiculous than the ones I included. I’m sure my readers would appreciate your counter to my “misinformation.” Thanks!

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