Explore The 7 Best Restaurants in Monterey, CA!!!
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Explore The 7 Best Restaurants In Monterey

Last updated on April 27, 2017 by Liza Hawkins

Chef Christopher is back with a new guest post about some of the best restaurants in Monterey. Time to plan a road trip! – Liza

Explore The 7 Best Restaurants In Monterey, CA!!!

Monterey was the first Asian populated city in the United States, and it’s since become a really popular tourist place. Keeping this in mind, most of the restaurants located on California’s Monterey Peninsula are usually aimed at out-of-towners. The beauty of this is, as tourists discover a lot of attractive places to explore, they can also enjoy different types of tasty cuisines that are Asian-based.

When it comes to Monterey’s cuisine, one thing you can be sure of is that it has a distinctly Asian taste. Majority of the time, Monterey has been referred to as “The Chinese Beverly Hills” or “The First Suburban Chinatown,” especially when it comes to the different cuisine options available.

So, if you’re planning to visit Monterey, be ready to taste some of the most popular Asian cuisines, located at some of the area’s mostly highly rated restaurants! Here’s a list of some of the top restaurants in Monterey that also happen to be the most popular Asian restaurants in the city. Take a peek:

Explore The Top Asian Restaurants In Monterey

Explore the 7 best restaurants in Monterey, CA!!!

Beef Boat Noodles, Hoy-Ka Thai Noodle
Thai restaurants are usually found around the San Gabriel Valley (or the “SGV” as locals call it), so it’s a good idea to head towards Thai Town. You can enjoy the signature dish Hoy-Ka noodles, or the authentic boat noodles, right at the Garfield Plaza. This is a must try as it ranks as the best choice among different Thai cuisines.

Torta Mojito, Cook’s Tortas
Cook’s Tortas takes sandwiches to another level. Their fillings include everything from your standard fare to interesting chef-inspired creations, and a chalkboard wall menu boasts the wide range of fillings to go inside their delicious bread that’s baked on site. Cook’s Tortas is one of the most enthralling fusion restaurants!

Bun Bo Hue, Nha Trang
The Nha Trang has a narrow approach and focuses its strengths on just six menu items (aside from the drink options). Enjoy Central Vietnamese-style soups like the bun bo hue (spicy beef noodle) in combination with the tomato-based crab, or meatball bun rieu.

Crab Shell Pastries, Dean Sin World
Dean Sin World usually features xiao long bao or crab shell pastries. These are a local favorite in the SGV and are sold at many other restaurants. The crab shell pastries that come in both sweet and savory variations—but contain no crab—is the main attraction of that area.

Tea Leaf Salad
Burmese food is another one of the most delicious options in Monterey. Its fascinating blend of tastes is influenced by neighboring countries, namely India, China and Thailand. The tea leaf salad, mont hin ga (catfish noodle soup), and khao soi (coconut noodle soup) are the top choices in Monterey.

Chung King Fried Chicken Cubes, Yunkun Garden
Right from the cold table, along with a large selection of Sichuan appetizers, Yunkun Garden offers you something more than the expected. There are a number of Yunnan-style options on the large menu, like the signature Crossing The Bridge Noodles, and several of their spicy food items (like the Chung King Fried Chicken Cubes) are some of the best among water-boiled dishes.

Taiwanese Breakfast Items, Huge Tree Pastry
Just like a Phoenix rises at a new location with a new name, the same goes with the Taiwanese breakfast specials. Huge Tree Pastry is one such item that’s a mouthwatering delicious dish. Dipping the tiao, or the Chinese doughnut, into a bowl of sweet or salty soy milk, along with shao bing and gua bao is the best breakfast one could ever have in Monterey!

I hope you try some of these restaurants in Monterey while you’re visiting—they’re the best!

About the author: Christopher is a well known professional chef and professional blogger too, and here he is sharing some great eats in Monterey, California! Click here for more of Chef Christopher’s guest posts. 

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  1. Are any of these places even in Monterey County? I live in Monterey and have never heard of them. I believe they are all in Monterey Park, CA which is over 300 miles south of the Monterey Peninsula. I think the author needs to check his sources, or perhaps consult a map.

    1. Hi James! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check in with Christopher for clarification to ensure this gets updated with correct info. I really appreciate your insight as a local!

  2. Hey James, thanks for going through my content and I really appreciate the thing you’ve pointed out. Actually, the link carries the restaurants list from nearby areas also but basically it carries the restaurants mostly from the Monterey. I hope that this helps.

    Thanks by the way.

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