Popsicle Nostalgia: the classic!
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End Of Summer Popsicle Nostalgia

Last updated on September 10, 2015 by Liza Hawkins

It seems like lately, more than ever, nostalgic stories of things I loved as an ’80s kid are not only showing up everywhere (looking at you, BuzzFeed), they’re also turning retro-cool with this generation. It could be that Gen Xers, like me, have kids who are now old enough to start getting into some of the activities we remember loving the most. Things that left an imprint.

Stickers. Crafts. Camp. Popsicles.

I’ve partnered with Lunchbox to talk about the classic treat that’s been the center of fun for years (decades, even)! And now with more flavors than ever, you can pop some more Popsicle fun into your everyday routine this summer — just like we did as kids.

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Popsicle Nostalgia: the classic!
Photo via Kathy

The classic box of orange, cherry and grape is what I remember having most as a kid. Popsicle is the original popsicle brand, after all. And, cherry—sweet cherry—was the best!

It seemed like orange always lingered the longest in the box. You reach in, hold the Popsicle up to the light (trying to make out whether or not the frozen goodness was reddish or orangeish through the thin plastic—or paper…ahem…dating myself—wrapper).

Red, I think. Yes, it’s red! CHERRY! [tears open plastic] OH. Orange.

I’m happy to report that as an adult, I happen to love orange flavored things. My love for cherry (first), grape (second) and lastly orange has been shaken up a bit, and now orange—and anything citrusy—is my fave. Funny how that happens. Yay, orange!

(My kids are fans of the Slow Melt Mighty Minis, in case you’re wondering. Any flavor; they’re not picky…I know. Weird.)

Popsicle Nostalgia: Crafts!
Photo via Rasmus Lerdorf

Another nostalgic Popsicle memory has nothing to do with the frozen pops, but rather the sticks themselves. We saved the sticks for projects like paper puppets and log cabin-esque house building. Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, Elmer’s glue, and plenty of glitter reigned supreme at the camp craft table!

Popsicle Nostalgia: gardening sticks!
Photo via oliver.dodd

Now, as an adult, it’s easy to find uses for good ol’ Popsicle sticks, too — hello, garden plant labels! Popsicle sticks, a Sharpie and my favorite herbs are a must. It’s simple and no fuss. Just my style.

So, now, shake things up and add some pop to your end-of-summer with Popsicle from Kroger!

Popsicle Nostalgia - Add Some Pop To Your Summer With Popsicle And Kroger!

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