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Vertical Garden Project: Putting it Together #DigIn

Last updated on October 6, 2013 by Liza Hawkins

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Materials purchased, it was finally time to put my vertical garden together, and we planned to spend Mother’s Day afternoon getting everything constructed. As you might remember, my husband offered to build the vertical garden, and I happily obliged – I mean, he’s handy like that. (And I’m not, really.) Lucky for him, he had a helper for the 15 minutes that the 4 year old attention span lasted….


How to make a vertical garden with Home Depot #DigIn


The instructions I printed off were a little hard to follow at times, a bit like a run-on sentence broken up by bullets. I’m not so sure I would have had a successful finished project if it had just been me, the set of instructions and all the materials. But my husband was able to take a look, understand the direction, put the instructions down, and then get to work making it happen.


How to make a vertical garden.


We had to make a few substitutions along the way. Our backyard gets a ton of sun everyday, and the deck and brick wall pretty much roast. Rather than use real wood, my husband suggested we use PVC board instead – the heat and sun wouldn’t affect its integrity, so things like warping and splitting wouldn’t be a concern. We’d love to be able to use the vertical garden for multiple years, and if we had used traditional wood it may have only lasted one.


How to make a vertical garden.


Our original plan was to hang the vertical garden on the brick wall on the backside of the house, right next to the kitchen door – how convenient with the fresh herbs, right?


At the last minute we decided instead to move the vertical garden to the deck rail that’s adjacent to the brick wall, after several attempts to screw the French cleats into the brick without much success. It’s now lower to the ground than we would have liked; we don’t want the dog doing his business on the herbs with which I plan to cook. Ew.


So, to thwart the dog’s agenda, we kept the herbs up high and the flowers down low. So far it seems like an effective plan!


How to build a vertical garden

The finished project looks great! It needs to stay horizontal for a while longer so the roots can act as more of an anchor before I’ll feel comfortable hanging it for good. I also can’t wait to see how things look once they’ve filled in a bit. I’m hopeful the petunias start to cascade a little – we’ll see!

How to make a vertical garden.


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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