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Vertical Garden Project: Location, Location, Location!

Last updated on May 11, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

This is sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Last month I found out I’d be participating in a garden series with The Home Depot. There were lots of great projects available, and out of the bunch, I had to pick a few that I’d like to try.

Included in my top five picks was the Vertical Garden project, a trellis based planter that would fit nicely along a wall or on the fence in our small townhouse backyard. And, it turns out that’s my project!

Ad: How to make a vertical garden with The Home Depot Garden Club
This weekend I’m reading up on pointers for my vertical garden over at the Garden Club site, and then I’ll be heading out to The Home Depot to gather all of my supplies.

I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to putting stuff together, and I’m not too proud to follow step-by-step instructions for a project. I’m also not too proud to ask my building-savvy husband to do it all assist.

So, in addition to hints on the Garden Club site, my husband’s handy-man know-how, the Garden Club Community Forum (Ask an Expert), it’s also super helpful that The Home Depot uses videos to explain how to do just about any of their projects, including this one for constructing a vertical garden.

The Home Depot’s library of how-to videos and project planning tools help you turn thinking into doing. Regularly updated articles clue you in on new exciting trends in gardening and landscape design so you’re never out of fresh ideas.

Next step after gathering all the materials will be to decide where to hang the finished product.

My plan is to include herbs in addition to flowers so that I have fresh herbs at my fingertips when I’m cooking—there’s nothing better!

But, being realistic and embracing my busy lifestyle, I need to make sure this vertical garden is only a stone’s throw from my back door off the kitchen.

I worry that if it’s not, then things like regular watering and actually using the herbs will fall to the wayside by about … July. I wouldn’t say I have a bad thumb (as compared to a green thumb), I simply get a serious case of the “lazies” when it comes to garden upkeep. Am I the only one?

Here are are the spots I’m considering:

Option 1: Hang the vertical garden on the brick wall at the back of our house

Vertical garden on a brick wall.

Option 2: Hang the vertical garden on the fence in our backyard

Ad: The Home Depot vertical garden project | #DigIn

Option 3: Hang the vertical garden horizontally along our deck rails

Ad: How to make a vertical garden with The Home Depot Garden Club | #DigIn

There’s another reason I’m excited to be working on a project that involves getting the garden up off the ground, especially a garden that will include edibles.

It’s this guy here, who likes to mark his territory on just about anything that’s outside and within a leg’s reach (if you know what I mean):

Ad: How to make a vertical garden with The Home Depot Garden Club | #DigIn

Where do you think I should hang my vertical garden?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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3 Comments on “Vertical Garden Project: Location, Location, Location!

  1. I think the brick wall would be the most convenient for an herb garden. Which gets the right sunshine for what you want to plant? Go with that one.

    1. The brick gets full sun from mid-morning through the afternoon. It’s HOT. The deck railing, however, also gets full sun, but is facing in a direction that wouldn’t be completely direct.

  2. love this! had been thinking of doing something between us and our townhouse neighbors, too! never thought of actually using flowers, i thought ivy would be the only option! clint is going to hate me when i show him this… another project… 😉

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