These tips for simple holiday hosting keep things easy, fun and oh-so-yummy!
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My Top 5 Tips for Simple Holiday Hosting

Last updated on May 13, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

These tips for simple holiday hosting keep things easy, fun and oh-so-yummy!

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These tips for simple holiday hosting keep things easy, fun and oh-so-yummy!

With Thanksgiving behind us and December nipping at our heels, it’s time to begin running full steam ahead into the holiday party rotation.

While most get-togethers are full of wonderful friends, lots of laughs and great food, they can also be very time consuming and tiring.

I actually have a friend whose family is so busy in December, that they have to put up their holiday decorations before Thanksgiving, otherwise they won’t have time.

BEFORE Thanksgiving?!

So, what if on top of making an appearance at all the right holiday parties, you’d also like to host one yourself? What would it take to keep it simple, fun and oh-so-yummy?

1. Bake desserts ahead when possible.

If pies or cookies need to be warmed for the party, save your full-size oven and use a small counter-top oven instead, like the Breville Smart Oven.

So versatile, you’ll use it for more than just pie warming, trust me.

And the Breville Smart Oven? It thinks for you. You must check it out.

Breville Tabletop Oven

Source: via Liza on Pinterest

2. Finger foods are your friend.

As much as we’d like to envision a holiday gathering around a huge dining room table, the reality is—who has the space for that?

Most of the holiday parties I host end up with my guests strewn about the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Some have tables, but many don’t.

When your guests don’t have to balance a plate, forks, spoons, knives, a napkin and a glass on their knees, life is much easier.

Gosh, they can even stand and mingle while they eat!

3. Keep the dips simple.

I’ve found the favorite chip & dip combo among my party guests is … wait for it … plain potato chips with homemade sour cream and onion dip.


Just mix one packet of onion soup mix with one regular size container of sour cream, and voilá!

Guests love this dip and it goes perfectly with chips AND veggies, plus you can make it ahead in about two minutes! Beautiful.

These tips for simple holiday hosting keep things easy, fun and oh-so-yummy!

4. Plan kid-friendly food.

With two small kids of my own, I always hope hosts have something they’ll eat when we visit other people’s parties during the holidays.

SO, if we host at our house, and we know kids are coming, we make sure to have a few things to keep them happy.

Beef or turkey hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough and cooked until toasty brown in a Breville Smart Oven are one perfect solution.

Make them bite-sized and the kids will gobble them right up!

5. Clean up as you go.

There’s nothing worse then putting out all the holiday food, and then stepping back into the kitchen, only to find a mountain of dishes.

People love gathering in the kitchen, so don’t make them look at your mess while they’re chatting—just clean it up as you go.

You’ll thank yourself (and so will they).

What tips do you have for holiday hosting?

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