Crispy Bacon
How To

For the Crispy Bacon Lovers!

If you like your bacon flimsy and uncrispy, then stop reading now.

Crispy Bacon

Unless you think you could be a crispy convert, because who likes undercooked bacon anyway? Weirdos, that’s who.

Anyway, I refuse to join the microwaved bacon club, mostly because bacon cooked the old-fashioned way is just SO. MUCH. BETTER. The fat around the edges becomes a taste so luxurious it literally melts in your mouth like butter. And who doesn’t like butter? Those same weirdos who like soggy bacon, that’s who.

Bacon, cooked the right way:

 Bacon – nothing fancy, just your standard store brand variety.

Crispy Bacon

Lay the bacon in a room temperature pan – it’s okay if it’s crowded a bit because it’ll shrink up as it cooks. Place the stove on medium and let cook for about 5 minutes, until it starts to look like….

Crispy Bacon

….THIS! The bacon has shrunk a bit, and it’s starting to look wobbly. It’s time to flip the bacon! Continue to cook on the other side for another few minutes, then flip back and forth a few more times over a couple minutes after that.

Crispy Bacon
Once you hit the sweet spot of crispy goodness, remove your bacon to a paper towel to drain.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM!

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  • Mother On The Go

    I am a pure Hindu Veggie. but the photos are so tempting. How the Hell do you get such nice snaps? I have adisability when the camera is handed to me… its called frozen fingers and shaky hands. How dd you manage. loved your post. So genuine and straight frowm where i matters most: the heart. Love you girt.

  • LIZA

    In my earlier posts I was using a 5yr old point and shoot – mediocre at best. Then I switched to using the camera on my BlackBerry – which, believe it or not, was better than my camera. LOL! Then I got a new point & shoot for Christmas this past year, and I love it! It’s not fancy by any means, but it gives me good enough quality. I usually use to clean things up and add my blog name.

    Thank you!!

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