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POM Wonderful Dinner Party Recap!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how cool it was that I got selected to be one of 100 people across the country to host a POM Dinner Party. Two crates and 40 pomegranates later, my dinner party was a wild success, and the guests are still talking about the menu – and the crazy apron POM sent for me to wear.
Let’s get started on the party recap, which includes….drum roll please…..a how-to pictorial on opening a pomegranate, and lots and lots of photos of our seemingly endless stream of pomegranate inspired platters!
Dinner Guests
Abby, Theresa, Me, Amy, Linda


Dinner Guests
Abby, Theresa, Me, Amy, Josie
For some reason, and I’ll blame delirium after spending about 10 hours straight in the kitchen, we didn’t think to set the camera to snap a photo of all of us together. Hence, the two group shots – one with Josie, and the other with Linda. So, there were a total of six of us – a girls’ night in, pomegranate extravaganza!
Beautiful Fresh Pomegranate Arils

The table decorations themselves morphed out of things I already had at the house, as I had decided to make my meal as local, sustainable, and frugal as possible. The evolution of the table-scape can be seen below:



Next up, the menu – served family style at the table, with as many local “farm-to-table” ingredients I could get my hands on.
Pomegranate-Citrus Glazed Roast Chicken
stuffed with garlic, onions, lime, lemon, orange, thyme, sage
(chicken is local, free-range, organic, farm-to-table)
Acini di Pepe Vegetarian Pomegranate Salad
pomegranate arils, mint, flat-leaf parsley, slivered almonds, minced garlic
(mint and parsley courtesy of Truffula Seed Produce)
Pomegranate Dipping Aioli
-roast potato accompaniment-
pomegranate juice, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, sour cream, thyme
(Thyme courtesy of Truffula Seed Produce)
Roast Potatoes
blue/Yukon gold,/fingerling potatoes, green onions, thyme, garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper
(potatoes, green onions, and thyme courtesy of Truffula Seed Produce)
Fall Simple Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette
pomegranate arils, sliced almonds, arugula, field greens, flat-leaf parsley
(parsley courtesy of Truffula Seed Produce)
Pomegranate Cosmo
vodka, triple sec, fresh lime juice, POM Wonderful juice
Pomegranate Swirl Orange Scented Cheesecake
with Pomegranate Citrus Reduction
Lastly, as a parting gift, POM Wonderful sent me eight canvas bags to give out to my guests, stuffed with a how-to guide to opening a pomegranate, a coupon for a free bottle of POM Wonderful juice, and a set of recipe cards from their 2010 Chef Series. In addition to that awesome swag, I included a pomegranate and:
Pomegranate Sugar Cookies
Yarn dyed and spun by Abby of Folktale Fibers
The night ended with full bellies and lots of laughs, but before my guests left, I made sure to show them (step-by-step) how to open and de-aril a pomegranate:



And there you have it! My successful POM Wonderful Dinner Party – so much fun!

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