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COMING SOON: Pomegranate Overload!

Last updated on November 14, 2010 by Liza Hawkins

I will be feverishly working on my POM Wonderful Dinner Party blog post today, in hopes of pushing it out tomorrow, but I wanted to provide a quick recap today since we had so much fun last night!
Last week, over 40 pomegranates showed up at my front door, courtesy of POM Wonderful. Along with those pomegranates came a prize pack, complete with goodies to give away to my guests, and an hysterical apron for me (more on that to come).
Six of us feasted for two hours on everything from roasted chicken to cheesecake, and enjoyed a really strong even though we watered down the ratios delicious Pomegranate Cosmo (thanks to YOUR votes in my November Food Challenge Poll)!

Pomegranate Swirl Orange Scented Cheesecake
with Pomegranate Orange Reduction

Be on the lookout for the full recap soon, and keep your fingers crossed for me!

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3 Comments on “COMING SOON: Pomegranate Overload!

  1. Hey there, i found your blog through the list of folks doing the pom Parties. Mine is tonight, so I am taking a minute to relax before i start slicing and dicing my way through the day. I enjoy your blog a lot, and will be back.

    BTW, you think that apron looked ridiculous on you, picture a slightly overweight old guy in it. I don’t think I am what they had in mind for promotional brochures.

    My Year on the Grill

  2. Jackie – Still a shame you don’t live closer! Glad you were here in spirit!

    Dave – After yesterday’s POM extravaganza, my kitchen looked like a war zone! Everything turned out perfectly, however, and it was well worth the mess. Who knew pomegranates could be so versatile?? Good luck today & have fun!

    That apron was crazy – I tweeted early yesterday, wondering if there was a male version. Funny to think of where they’d have placed the pomegranates. LOL! 😉

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