Toppings Pizza Co – WWYD?

On Twitter last night I stumbled upon a tweet by Beth Schillaci that talked about a local, family owned pizza place in Frederick struggling with a lawsuit regarding faxes they’ve sent to other local business to market their pizza. Two hundred thousand dollars – that’s right $200K – is on the line, as well as this well-being of this proud family of six, who’s livelihood is being threatened.

I get it – you’re not supposed to send unsolicited advertising faxes per the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. But this seems different than those scammer-esque faxes we receive at MY office every other day, boasting of eight day cruises for only $50 a person. This is a family – a local business man with four kids (including a set of triplets) and his wife – trying to maintain a successful small business, in a town that loves their pizza!
Me? I’d love to see Toppings’ faxed price list at my office everyday. But if I didn’t, then you know what I’d do? I’d call them, and say, “Would you please remove my fax number from your list?” And you know what? I bet they would, without hesitation. 

What would you do?

Toppings Pizza Company is located at 5330 New Design Road in Frederick, Maryland.

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