Out and About: The Comus Inn

Yesterday was another unseasonably warm and absolutely beautiful October day in Maryland. My husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying the sweet sunshine and balmy breezes outside at The Comus Inn at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, while friends of ours married with a backdrop of golden soybeans, rolling hills and fluttering butterflies. You couldn’t have ordered a better day; it was almost ridiculous how picturesque the whole scene was!

The Comus Inn has their own restaurant on site, and they feature a regular dining menu with everything from  a Sunday brunch to a Seven Course Tasting Menu (made to order by Executive Chef Lopez), and a wine pairing if you choose.

For this wedding, we chose our fare about six weeks in advance. Having never eaten at The Comus Inn, we were shooting blind when it came to picking…chicken or salmon. We both chose salmon, thankfully. During lunch (or dinner, for your Southerners) there were distinct murmurs about the room which included things like:

“This is THE best salmon I’ve ever had.”
“That sauce…with the salmon…it’s amazing!”
You should have gotten the salmon.”

So, clearly my husband and I had good foresight. The salmon was fantastic – flaky, with a simple breaded, nutty crust. The light, but rich, brown sauce drizzled around the plate added another dimension that enhanced not just the salmon, but also the beautifully aromatic rice and the crisp string beans. It was a delight to finish that plate!

What’s funny is, when we got home afterwards, I discovered The Comus Inn had just been mentioned in another local blog I follow by Chef Christine. Sounds like I need to try their braised short rib on mashed potatoes next, as it was the winner of the Best Savory Dish at the Evening on the Riviera held last Friday in Frederick….

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