Out and About: Rita’s

Last updated on September 16, 2010 by Liza Hawkins

Yesterday marked a very special food day for me. I tried Rita’s Italian Ice for the very first time.

Yes, that’s right. Before yesterday I had never tasted it. Not a bit, not a lick, nothing. I loved it.


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4 Comments on “Out and About: Rita’s

  1. I remember holding out on Rita’s for a LONG time… while pregnant, it was ALL I craved.

    Of course, I was pregnant throughout the winter. No Rita’s.

    The black cherry is perfection.

  2. I think I was expecting Italian ice like what you buy in the freezer section in the grocery store. I was SO wrong. I’ll have to try black cherry. I love me some cherry!

  3. I’d never had water ice until I moved to the Philadelphia area! My sister took me to a place in Roxborough that had “gelati”–I had orange water ice topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream–wow! Now I live close to a Rita’s and the lines stretch down the sidewalk in the summer.

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