Small Victory in a Birthday Cake

Last updated on August 26, 2010 by Liza Hawkins

Working mom guilt: We all feel it now and again, although I must say that most of the time I feel pretty good about how our little family runs. I have a flexible job, I spend a good deal of time with our kids, and we have lots of family nearby to help out when we have un-kid-friendly commitments.

Having said that, I’m human, so I do have a couple things that give me little pangs of mommy guilt from time to time. Typically they happen when I feel like the kids are missing out on something that I’d otherwise be able to do if I weren’t working full-time.

Here are a couple examples of guilt alarms I was able to quiet:

  • Breastfeeding – I managed to work full-time and breastfeed without any supplemental formula for over a year with both kids. Might not be a big deal to you (and that’s fine), but it was important to me because if I had stayed home with the kids it would have happened. Yay, me!
  • Home for Dinner & Bedtime – 95% of the time, I’m home to feed the kids and tuck them into bed. Things might be a bit rushed in the two hours after we get home, but we’re together and that’s what matters.
  • Homemade Birthday Cakes – They may not look professional, but they taste good and Mia has loved them. And I managed to have some fun baking and decorating – generally not my forte!

So, what things are still a work in progress? Homemade baby food (LOL – too late), kid friendly dinner that doesn’t include the word “nugget” 50% of the time, keeping the house neat & tidy, sorting/boxing/consigning the outgrown kid clothes, being an active parent in the elementary school, managing after school activities, and continuing to make the kids’ birthday cakes. (I’m tired just reading all that.)

In two months our one year old will turn two, and I’m already thinking about his birthday cake! Last year I ended up buying a sheet cake to serve the party guests (disappointing), but making his little cake myself.

This year I vow to make his cake just like I’ve made our five year old’s cakes for the past few years! Stay tuned in late October….

What are you proud to have accomplished (working mom or not)?

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2 Comments on “Small Victory in a Birthday Cake

  1. Well – I didn’t say that I baked them from scratch. 😉 I “made” them, by doctoring cake mixes and frostings. Maybe one day I’ll tackle becoming a better “from scratch” baker.

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