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Last updated on August 25, 2010 by Liza Hawkins

Last night Todd and I had our first Back to School Night. It was a hoot! We were surrounded by first timers nervously pacing while wondering where to sit, as well as seasoned professionals who sat back and observed, relaxed from their stumpy little kid chairs. Unlike a lot of the parents, we chose to keep our kids at home, which served three purposes: 1. We were able to sit still in our little chairs and actually focus; 2. My in-laws were able to spend time with Mia and Jack; and 3. Todd and I were able to grab a quick dinner out afterwards!

Needing to be quick – only had about a half hour – we decided to visit Poblano Grill, a little restaurant in a shopping center near our neighborhood. They’ve only been open for about two years, replacing a stagnant Chinese restaurant, and buddying up to a really successful Italian family restaurant. Todd and I thought it was doomed the day after it opened, but surprisingly it’s hung on, and after tonight we know why. The food is really, really good, AND they just got their liquor license.

With a simple menu to browse, we each found something delicious – he got a steak fajita burrito and cheese enchiladas, and I got a chicken fajita chimichanga. Coupled with chips, salsa, and queso dip, you could have rolled us out to the car after we finished dinner (and I still have leftovers!). Here are the goodies courtesy of my camera phone:

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