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Whether it's giving a peek of our family homestead, trying a new restaurant, visiting a local farm or whipping up a new recipe, I'll share the experience here with you. I adore ALL. THINGS. FOOD.

Cookbook Roundup – April 2015

Cookbook Roundup - April 2015

In case you didn’t know, I’m writing an article each month for Washington Independent Review of Books (WIRo Books). It’s a fun roundup of recently released cookbooks, and a few food-related books, too! Cookbook Roundup – April 2015 The foodie in me LOVES this, as does the the English major. I mean, getting my hands […]

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Sometimes dinner takes hours to prepare, with meticulous mis en place, fifteen different steps, more pots than burners, and ingredients so expensive you wince at the check-out. Other times, it’s the exact opposite. Like one of our weeknight must haves. A favorite of both my husband and my youngest: homemade chicken fried rice. Its presentation? […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Happy Mother's Day

Let’s take a second to set the stage. Mia is 10; Jack is 6. Heard while sitting at my desk, within earshot of the kitchen: clanking of drawers and metal objects. Fridge door opens and closes. I hear an egg crack… Mother’s Day Breakfast M: “First you put a little bit of milk in the […]

3 Simple Ways To Unwind

3 Simple Ways To Unwind: Take a moment to enjoy the journey that is life....

Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies sponsored this post about taking time to unwind and transition to calm after a busy day. If your day is anything like mine, you probably feel like a cross between “Taz” the Tasmanian Devil and Wonder Woman. I (thankfully) have a husband who’s willing to pitch in with the housework, and yet […]

Giant’s World Menu

Giant's new World Menu line!

Giant Food, LLC, recently announced its new World Menu line, and sent me a gift card with an invitation to try mixing it in with our crazy lifestyle. Let’s face it. Sometimes even the best foodies like a little help in the kitchen, especially when faced with an impossible weekly schedule of commitments spanning several […]

Colombian Coffee: Mind The Bean

100% Colombia Coffee

Are you a fan of authentic, sustainable 100% Colombian coffee, with its pronounced aroma and high-grown arabica quality? YES?! Well, this giveaway (sponsored by Café de Colombia Worldwide) is for you! I love the opportunity to help support a movement that’s goal to make things better, especially when it involves something I really enjoy: COFFEE + SUSTAINABILITY. […]

Foodie Destination Bucket List

Spanish moss hanging from trees in Savannah, Ga.

As a member of From Left to Write, I received a copy of Under Magnolia for review purposes. Those of you who’ve been reading for a while know that I think back fondly to the years I spent living in Savannah, Ga., right after college. It was a time of rebirth and emotional growth for me, and […]

Milk’s Favourite Cookies – And How To Make Them Better!

Milk's Favourite Cookies - And How To Make Them Better

Hello foodies! This is a guest post about milk’s favourite cookies from Chef Christopher, who hails from Singapore. Hope you enjoy! -Liza It has been scientifically proven that dunking cookies leads to better flavor. However, what hasn’t been scientifically proven is which cookies are the best to dunk in an ice-cold glass of milk. Assembled for review […]