• This bratwurst and shrimp jambalaya is the ultimate comfort food, layered with all sorts of savory flavors and ready on your stove top in a little over an hour.

    Bratwurst and Shrimp Jambalaya

    This bratwurst and shrimp jambalaya is the ultimate comfort food, layered with all sorts of savory flavors and ready on your stove top in a little over an hour. Writing is a big part of my life, but it’s not my livelihood. I actually have a job in marketing for a large company, and I spend about fifty percent of my time in an office without windows. Before you get all, “That sucks, I feel really sorry for you!” on me, don’t. I really love my job, the building and with the people with whom I work, are amazing! I actually have large floor-to-ceiling windows about twenty feet away, just…

  • Learn how to make classic beef stew! It's the perfect hearty meal to feed a crowd on a blustery day.

    Classic Beef Stew

    This classic beef stew simmers slowly, resulting in mouthwatering bowlfuls of savory deliciousness that’s perfect for days where football is on in the basement man-cave all evening, when everyone’s activities are pulling them in different directions, if we’re hosting a large family gathering, or when we’ve decided that it’s time for a Harry Potter movie marathon —  and we don’t even attempt a family meal at the table. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links. It’s days like these where I like to make easy-to-eat one-pot meals that can be served up at each family member’s discretion, or buffet-style in the kitchen.…

  • No Bean Pork Chili

    No Bean Pork Chili Recipe

    This no bean pork chili recipe is easy a versatile, easy-to-make comfort food! I’ve made chili dozens of ways, dozens. Ground beef, beef cubes, lots of veggies, hardly any veggies, thinner, thicker, but never any beans. Except once, right after I met my husband. It’s when I found out he doesn’t like beans. ANY beans. Well, except maybe jelly beans. Ha-ha. So my chili remains bean-less, which is a shame because I love beans! Oh well.  No Bean Pork Chili Recipe This no bean pork chili recipe is super versatile, and feeds an army if you double (or triple!!) the recipe. I’ve used a mixture of pork and beef instead of…

  • Homemade soup served in bowls

    How to Make Homemade Soup

    Simple ideas for making homemade soup year round staple, rather than just a savory winter treat! Guest Post  Summer Soup’s On! If you think of soup as a cold-weather comfort food, it’s time to think again. Soup can be just the thing for light, healthy summertime eating. Some are cold soups—gazpacho being the most famous but by no means the only example. Others are hot, but lighter and brighter in texture and flavor than their wintertime cousins. Soups are also an excellent way to use up summer’s abundance of vegetables, and they’re dead easy. Cold Soups First let’s take a look at the gazpacho, the king of cold soups. We…

  • Black Bean Chicken Chili

    Slow Cooker Black Bean Chicken Chili

    Black bean chicken chili is a great alternative to the traditional beef recipe! Crisp mornings, busy afternoons and chilly evenings — perfect for the slow cooker. We’re big fans of chili in this house, but sometimes it’s nice to very from traditional ground beef chili. One of my favorite recipes uses chicken and black beans (although pinto or white beans would work great too).   In this recipe, I love how you can take two chicken breasts and stretch them to feed four to six people, and the flavors that soak into the meat are so rich and satisfying from slowly simmering all day while you’re at work. Your tummy…

  • Musings: Feel Better Food

    Are you sick and tired of me talking about being sick and tired? ME TOO. There’s really nothing good about being sequestered to a couch for days on end, except: Reading Movies Soup And, speaking of soup, when I wasn’t able to make my mom’s party last weekend, she sent home a container of homemade turkey soup for me. Not just any turkey soup, mind you. Soup made from leftover organic Thanksgiving turkey from Sattva Place (the best meat EVER), and vegetables from Truffula Seed Produce (a well known favorite of mine). I realize I could post her recipe, but some how “a little of this with a bit of that…

  • shrimp and sausage jambalaya

    Shrimp & Sausage Jambalaya

    Always one for a good slow cooker recipe, but quick to get tired of chili, beef stew, or a roast, I wanted something different one holiday when I was hosting a family gathering. I stumbled upon a recipe for gumbo that led me to another recipe for jambalaya, which ended up morphing into my own recipe for jambalaya. Which is absolutely delicious, and super easy to throw together. *Smoked sausage is a good alternative, and requires even less prep since you don’t have to cook it before putting it in the slow cooker.

  • This slow cooker chili has a mouth-watering Texas twist!

    Slow Cooker Chili With a Texas Twist

    This slow cooker chili has a mouth-watering Texas twist! September is officially up and running, and now more than ever I’m starting to crave those comfort foods that depend on cooler weather: beef stew, apple pie, potato soup and—one of our fall favorites—chili. My chili recipe has taken several years to come together, and even still I make variations here and there depending on what my pantry’s stocked with. It’s pretty fail safe, especially since it cooks low and slow … almost anything cooked for endless hours on a low temperature in a slow cooker or a Dutch oven turns out wonderful. And, since the dawn of the Instant Pot, I can…