5 Funny Stages of Baking Homemade Cookies

5 Funny Stages Of Baking Homemade Cookies

Last updated on March 15, 2015 by Liza Hawkins

Is there anything more satisfying than the scent of freshly baked homemade cookies right out of the oven? Eating them, I suppose. That’s more satisfying.

5 Funny Stages of Baking Homemade Cookies

If you’re anything like me, baking cookies (while a technically simple process), involves so much more than beat this togetherfold that in, and bake until golden.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

5 Funny Stages Of Baking Homemade Cookies

(We’ve all been there.)

1. I’m totally craving something sweet.

Cravings usually hit me mid-afternoon on the weekends, and I’m only satiated by some sort of baked good. Like cookies. Warm, gooey, sweet, delicious cookies.

2. I have the ingredients for COOKIES.

Following the craving is a moment of panic when the realization hits that I might not have the ingredients for the cookie I’m craving. This cookie, of course, is chocolate chip: simple cookie to make, yet difficult because it requires specific ingredients that aren’t always on my grocery list (a-hem, semi-sweet morsels, I’m looking at you). A quick run to the pantry (flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, brown sugar, CHOCOLATE CHIPS…check, check, check, check, check, CHECK), following by a spin around to the fridge (eggs, butter…check, CHECK). I HAVE ALL THE INGREDIENTS!

3. What if I just eat all the cookie dough instead?

Ten minutes later and the cookie dough has been formed. That silky, sweet – yet slightly salty – dough, with rich chocolate morsels strewn generously throughout (so what if I made a half batch, but used an entire bag of chips?)….

Maybe I should forget the baking part altogether and EAT ALL THE DOUGH INSTEAD.

Okay, that’s ridiculous. Maybe I’ll eat half the dough, and then freeze half the dough for later. (Later, tonight.)

FINE. I’ll just bake the freakin’ cookies. (Except I AM LICKING THE BOWL. AND THE SPOONS.)

4. I don’t know if I can wait for them to cool…OUCH!

Ten minutes after the cookies go into the oven, they come out. I let them cool for the one required minute, then spatula them off to the cooling racks. Half a minute goes by.

Boy, those cookies sure to do look good. I’m sure the chocolate chips aren’t THAT hot. Who cares? It’s totally worth a little burn. {bite} OMG. MY TONGUE! {another bite} Owowowow! {another bite} Totally worth it.


Enough said.

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14 Comments on “5 Funny Stages Of Baking Homemade Cookies

  1. I almost always burn my tongue, or worse, the top of my mouth. Dang it.

    What is it about the need to do that with cookies and/or pizza, anyway? Especially when we know better?

  2. I can’t eat cookie dough. The texture, squishing through my teeth…nope, nope, nope.

    Plus I can hear my mother’s voice hissing, “You’ll get worms, eating cookie dough!”


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