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Women Get Social 2014—Philadelphia

Last updated on March 19, 2019 by Liza Hawkins

This time next week I’ll be in Philly for the Women Get Social 2014—Philadelphia conference.

Philly’s a stop along SITS’s multi-city series of visits spanning the country, and I’m really excited to not only hear the great speakers they have lined up, but also to connect with old and new blogging friends!

Let’s reminisce, shall we?

As part of my ambassadorship, Stonyfield® is sponsoring my attendance at Women Get Social Philadelphia 2014.

Philadelphia 2012

This shot was at Bloggy Boot Camp Philly 2012.

Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia 2012

I was excited to once again reunite with college bud Erica (just to my right), another frequenter of the SITS conferences and meet-ups.

In my post-conference recap that year, I blamed the wine cocktail hours on the fact that I missed out on the one thing every foodie visiting Philadelphia should experience: a legit cheesesteak.

I’m not sure that’s entirely true, or fair. BUT, the fact remains—no cheesesteak.

We’ll have to fix that this year.

And, if there’s one thing to remember when attending a social media-based conference, it’s to SMILE.

All the time.

Not creepy doe-eyed smiley, but a relaxed “open face” smiley.

Why, you ask?

Because not only are photos being snapped constantly, they’re being pushed to social channels faster than you can say cheesesteak.

Case in point…

Boston 2011

Bloggy Boot Camp Boston 2011

Not only am I just *barely* smiling, I also look really, really tired.

Maybe I was. But it certainly doesn’t reflect how much fun I was having.

(A LOT!)

See what happens when you know you’re being photographed (here with my friend Erica again)?

Bloggy Boot Camp Boston 2011

Nothing like a bright light, smile and an arm-to-hip pose to fix a photo. (LOL!)

Erica was a trooper, flying to Boston and hanging out at about seven or eight months pregnant—we hadn’t seen each other in thirteen years!

She also gave a killer presentation on attention grabbing headlines and post titles.

Fashion. Food. Swag. 

Stonyfield Organic

A big thank you to Stonyfield for giving me the opportunity to experience another SITS conference with Women Get Social 2014 in Philadelphia. I can’t wait to see everyone!

(And try a cheesesteak while smiling.)

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