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Old Line FARM Fest in Frederick, MD

Last updated on October 6, 2013 by Liza Hawkins

Frederick, Maryland may be considered a Baltimore/Washington DC suburb these days; however, it’s still heavily rooted in agriculture. Family-owned and operated farms can be found all over the county, stocking grocery shelves, farmers’ markets and providing “farm to table” experiences to locals.


But Frederick isn’t just about agriculture anymore. It’s a city ripe with culture, and filled with artisans who have perfected their crafts – everything from ceramics and photography, to metalwork and theater.


And then there’s Hawkwood Farm, and an uber-cool event happening this weekend called Old Line FARM Fest.


frederick md, farms, farm to table, frederick events


Old Line Events is an education non-profit organization provide communities with fun and educational activities around  food, healthy futures, and cultural diversity. They’re the magic behind FARM Fest at Hawkwood Farm this weekend – a couple days of Food, Art, Run, Music (get it? F-A-R-M). Proceeds from FARM Fest benefit local farmers, helping build a sustainable resource for the community – and in this case, Hawkwood Farm is the beneficiary!


More about Hawkwood Farm:

Hawkwood Farm sits in the Catoctin Mountains just above Frederick, MD. The historic property is basically a tepui, a mountain plateau, and boasts numerous springs, good earth, abundant wildlife and is in conservation through the Maryland Environmental Trust. It has a very rich history including rhyolite knapped spear-points found on the property dating back as far as 6000 BC, being known as Frankennal, The Battle of Highland when the owner at the time George Blessing had a skirmish with soldiers during the civil war. Current owner Erin Aylor and his family enjoy farm life and creating the antiques of tomorrow.


farm fest, hawkwood farm


Come on out to Hawkwood Farm for Old Line FARM Fest this weekend!


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