You'll have to try this lovely coffee from Tonx!
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5 Reasons Why Tonx Coffee Rocks

Last updated on May 12, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

This is a post sponsored by Tonx Coffee, for which I have been compensated. All opinions, however, are always my own!

My Tonx Coffee package arrived late last week in a simple brown box with a clever, metallic Tonx sticker slapped on top. Inside were a few different things, including two different sized pouches of roasted coffee beans from Quilanga de Loja, Ecuador—specifically the Fapecafes Cooperative.

Read more about the beans, and also find out about how you can sign-up for a Tonx free trial (to try the coffee), later in this post.

I had been waiting not so patiently for this box arrive. There’s nothing like the taste of freshly ground, meticulously roasted coffee beans, and I had no doubt that Tonx would compliment my simple morning coffee ritual magically.

And by simple morning coffee ritual, I mean grinding beans—just enough to make four cups—and setting the coffee pot to autobrew the night before so that my pot of coffee is ready to go at 6:00 AM.

So, coffee beans—check.

BUT, to my surprise, along with the coveted beans, swag was included. Swag! I wasn’t expecting this! The standard cards, stickers, etc. were inside, but also? Wait for it…

T-shirt swag!

You'll have to try this lovely coffee from Tonx!

Call me a dork (I often do), or maybe this makes me a coffee snob for loving it so much, but the Tonx Coffee dog on this perfect-shade-of-charcoal-gray t-shirt is totally hip.

You can’t see it here, but he’s getting ready to push a French press with his little paw.

(And, totally un-coffee related, the size, fit and quality are top notch. Want one? Learn more about how to become a subscriber at the bottom—it’s the only way you’ll get your hands on an awesome Tonx shirt.)

Back to the coffee.

Here are 5 reasons why Tonx Coffee rocks:

1. Tonx supports heirloom coffee beans. 

My coffee beans are from Quilanga de Loja, which sits atop the Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador and is home to some of the highest grown coffee in South America. It’s there that a handful of producers growing predominately heirloom typica variety, hand-pulp, wash and dry their coffee in backyard setups.

You'll have to try this lovely coffee from Tonx!

2. The aroma.

I barely ripped off the package’s top when the rich, deep aroma of coffee swirled up and filled the air around me. Quilanga de Loja promises a delicious cup with a prominent Dutch cocoa flavor, rounded out with brown sugar and almond. Yep! I smelled it.

You'll have to try this lovely coffee from Tonx!

3. Brew basics.

Tonx doesn’t assume that all coffee snobs know the right way to grind and brew their coffee, so they give us an insert with simple steps, and nuggets of advice to follow. Like, measure what you need and grind fresh for every brew. And, exploring small adjustments from coarse to fine grounds will help you dial in a great cup. Play with your coffee to make your perfect cup!

You'll have to try this lovely coffee from Tonx!

4. Website.

The Tonx Coffee website is clean and easy to follow, with lots of FAQs and photos, as well as descriptions of their coffee experts, how they source, how the beans are roasted, the shipping process and more brewing advice.

5. Perfect brew.

My perfect cup of coffee includes milk, but no sugar. With Tonx Coffee, and the fact that I used freshly ground beans, I’m able to still taste the rich roasted coffee bean flavor, and the promised hints of cocoa, brown sugar and almond.

Interested in a Tonx free trial? You’re in luck!

Everyone can sign-up for a Tonx free trial (to try the coffee). Just head over to Tonx and sign-up.

Full disclaimer: Tonx will ask for credit card and automatically subscribe users to the lowest monthly subscription unless they cancel. They provide very clear messaging and reminders (via email) before moving users to a paid subscription.

They believe that once you try their fresh coffee, you’ll want more!

More about Tonx:

The Tonx team is made up of experts with years of experience from seed to cup. They know that home-brewed coffee can be just as good as your favorite cafe. It’s not as hard as baristas make it out to be – but it all starts with fresh beans, which you can’t get if you buy bags of beans from grocery stores. Pre-ground coffee is even worse. Great coffee actually has very little to do with fancy gadgets and expensive gizmos.

The best part? Your Tonx Coffee subscription is very easy to manage, and they have great customer service because we appreciate every customer. They will always be transparent with how your subscription is being managed, and it’s very easy to pause, cancel, or adjust your quantity for your needs. If you ever need tips or advice on how to get the most out of your coffee, they are always available to chat. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tonx Coffee.

You can get social with @TonxCoffee on Twitter, and also on Facebook.

This is a post sponsored by Tonx Coffee, for which I have been compensated. All opinions, however, are always my own!

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