Welsh Rarebit - Photo by Tristan Kenney via Flickr
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National Welsh Rarebit Day

Last updated on January 31, 2017 by Liza Hawkins

What is Welsh Rarebit anyway? It’s clearly popular enough to have its own National Food Holiday, and yet while I’ve heard of it, I’ve never actually tried it.

According to my friends at Wikipedia:

Welsh Rarebit or Welsh Rabbit is a dish made with a savory sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients and served hot, after being poured over slices (or other pieces) of toasted bread, or the hot cheese sauce may be served in a bowl accompanied by sliced, toasted bread. Welsh Rarebit may be eaten with the use of a knife or fork or both. The names of the dish originate from 18th-century Great Britain. Welsh Rarebit is typically made with cheddar cheese, in contrast to the Continental European fondue which classically depends on Swiss cheeses.

Hot, melted cheddar cheese sauce over toast? Yes please!

Welsh Rarebit - Photo by Tristan Kenney via Flickr
Photo by Tristan Kenney via Flickr

I’d imagine these lovelies are probably set to land in a plate, and then be served slathered with a creamy, rich cheese sauce poured over top. Perhaps a little cheesier than your average Welsh Rarebit, but I’m all for tweaks and “making a recipe your own.”

Having said that, I’m not sure these made it far enough to reach a plate for more sauce, anyway. Crispy, melt-in-your-mouth cheddar along the edges…. Nomnom.

Stay tuned for more posts about National Food Holidays, or visit my Cheese Pinterest board if you just can’t wait…!

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