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The Community Farm’s First Harvest – Pak Choy!

Last updated on May 5, 2013 by Liza Hawkins

If you’ve been following Josie and Shawn’s chronicles about starting The Community Farm at Sandy Spring Friends School, then you’ll already know that they just had their first harvest.


But if you haven’t read their latest blog update yet, it’s time you do! The Community Farm’s first harvest yielded enough Pak choy to feed about 100 people for dinner, the usual attending number at the school.


The kids enjoyed their meal, and they also had the chance to learn about how the Pak choy ended up on their plates, with the help of a video and fresh Pak choy for them to touch and smell.


The next day for all school lunch? More harvested Pak choy along with red and green lettuce mix for the salad bar!


The salad mix that Josie and Shawn grow is outta this world, so I’m a little jealous.


Especially since they’re no longer running a CSA, where I’m able to get my hands on a weekly bagful of the crisp, sweet and slightly peppery red and green mix.


But, I suppose in the greater scheme of things, running the community farm of a local school which feeds hundreds of kids every day, three meals a day, is pretty important.
Definitely more important than my CSA share. There are lots of other CSA programs I can participate in, but not very many schools that have promoted (and started!) a farm on their premises.


Click here to read more about what Josie and Shawn are up to on the Community Farm!

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