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Summer Desserts With a British Twist!

Last updated on September 23, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

My buddies at Caffe Society are back today with a wonderful guest post about favorite (or should I say “favoUrite”) summer desserts from our friends across the pond.

We all know how smitten I am with Downton Abbey and any of these treats could easily be served by House Crawley, or even whipped up on the next episode of the Great British Baking Show.

These summer desserts with a British twist will impress your guests and you`ll be keeping your cool on even the hottest day. Enjoy (I’m hungry)!

Ah, the British summer!

Long sunny days in the garden, butterflies floating on the hazy breeze and fun times with the family on the beach.

Well, that`s how we`d like to think our summers go, although in reality we have to brave some of the wettest and windiest summers in all of Europe.

But being British, we shall not be moved and come rain or shine we will determinedly strap on our sandals and stride out to enjoy the best of British summertime.

As well as the flowers and inevitable showers, another marker that summer has arrived is the appearance of some of the beautiful summer desserts on the menus in our local cafes and restaurants.

Fresh, fruity puddings, ice cream-laden treats and refreshing, zesty delights are all common sights in our summer repertoire.

Bring a taste of summer into your life this season and indulge in some truly scrumptious, warm-hearted summer desserts (even if it`s a bit cold outside!).

These summer desserts with a British twist will impress your guests and you`ll be keeping your cool on even the hottest day!

The quintessentially British favourite has to be the luxurious Summer Pudding.

Unbelievably easy to make, this dessert is not only delicious but looks the part too.

Simply cook up some blackcurrants, raspberries and redcurrants in a few tablespoons of water, along with a generous helping of sugar and then strain off the juice.

Dip white bread in the juice and line a pudding bowl with the bread, then spoon in the cooked fruit, along with a few strawberries and chill overnight.

Serve with the remaining juice and a good dollop of cream. Beautiful.

Of course, if the sun does come out, the last thing you`ll want to do is to spend hours slaving over a hot stove inside.

For impressive looking yet easy to make summer desserts, try layering digestive biscuits, cream or ice cream and strawberries, then drizzle with chocolate sauce for a beautiful looking dessert, without even switching the oven on!

Alternatively use some crushed up meringues, summer berries and cream, with some juice swirled into the mix and you have yourself a very tasty (and fashionable) Eaton Mess.

Whatever you do, don`t forget the ice cream!

It`s not just for kids either, with plenty of opportunities to make stunning deserts in tall sundae glasses by just layering fruit, ice cream and sauce (or whatever else you fancy!).

Remember, it`s the presentation that makes or breaks a summer dessert, so take your time to pop a wafer or sprig of mint on the top of the finished dish, or save a few whole berries for decoration at the end.

Your guests will be impressed and you`ll be keeping your cool on even the hottest day.

Those who prefer to let others do the hard work can still get a taste of summer at their local coffee house.

Good ones that brew bean to cup coffees will also be supplying top summer puds, so treat yourself to a beautiful fruit tart or a slice of Pavlova next time you`re out for a coffee with your friends.

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