Roasthouse Pub: My Latest Foodie Article for Frederick Magazine

Last updated on December 4, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

“A Perfect Match
Roasthouse Pub Pairs Craft Beer with a Gourmet Twist on Comfort Food
In October 2010, the floundering Philly Cheesesteak Factory on MD. 355 in Frederick was at a crossroads: its owners, the Belles family who also owns Belles’ Sports Bar, could either close down the sub shop or completely overhaul the eatery. That’s when Kevin Barnette, the chef at Belles’ Sports Bar at the time, decided to act on an idea he had for a couple of years.”
And so my latest article for Frederick Magazine begins, currently in the January 2012 issue! To read more, you’ll have to go out and buy a copy….
Hope you enjoy!
(PS: Aren’t Grace Gladhill’s photos awesome?! Love working with her….)

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2 Comments on “Roasthouse Pub: My Latest Foodie Article for Frederick Magazine

  1. Not easy to just “go out and buy a copy” when one lives 250 miles away. I know no one in Frederick, but became interested in it when “the brothers” were on Top Chef.

    Guess I won’t be reading your article!

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