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Extreme Chef = #FoodNetworkFail

Last updated on December 7, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

What happens when you mix three professional chefs with dull knives, dust storms, giant sub-zero rooms with ice floors, and kicking cows?
Extreme Chef, that’s what.

Maybe I simply didn’t pay attention during the promos, or perhaps the show didn’t deliver as promised. But, any way you slice it, the show just. plain. sucks. Top Chef mixed with danger, it is not.
What’s the point of cooking in a room of ice?
Why would you have a challenge that includes hovering over a stove during a fake hailstorm in the middle of a suburban neighborhood?
Dull knives. Dull knives??? Although, maybe a dull knife is a good idea when part of your mission is to run down a dirt trail to gather your ingredients….

And nothing says “chef” more than a sports bra and spandex….

C’mon Food Network. Can we just have more Chopped instead of this?

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