Wegmans storefront in Alexandria, VA.
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Wegmans: The Dream Before the Reality

Last updated on June 7, 2019 by Liza Hawkins

Thoughts about the opening of Wegmans in Frederick, Maryland—spoiler alert: very excited!

Wegmans storefront in Alexandria, VA.
Photo via Wegmans

Know what I’m doing today?

I’m getting a sneak peek of the brand new Wegmans in Frederick that’s opening this Sunday.

Oh yes. YES I am.

But, believe me when I say Wegmans didn’t come calling, asking me to, “Please, pretty please,” come tour and blog about their new store before the grand opening this weekend.

Although they’ve thanked me a few times on Twitter for mentioning them, and for sharing their blog, which is nice … even if they’ve called me “Lisa” more than once.

That’s okay; it’s the thought that counts.

So, no. They didn’t come begging for me to be a part of their sneak peek today.

Nope. I asked a friend of mine who I heard through the grapevine was invited to a Wegmans preview … if I could tag along with him.

Why, might you ask, am I so completely psyched about a sneak peek?

I was asked to write a small article about my new experience with Wegmans for another Frederick publication.

And the thought of a “running with the bulls” experience on Sunday at seven o’clock in the morning made me shudder a little.

Not exactly the first impression I’m looking for when writing an article, although I’m sure it would’ve made for some good humor. 

So, you’ll get my first-hand thoughts and impressions about Wegmans soon … just not here.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be sharing the article once it’s published, for sure.

But, I wonder.

Will the Wegmans reality will live up to my dreams (even without the wine bar other locations outside of Maryland have)?

Top 10 Things I’m Dreaming About With Wegmans

1. Check-out experience.

I hear they have special mini-checkout lanes for the little things you realize you forgot to buy when you’re just five steps out the exit doors.

2. Prepared food.

I’ve also been told that their six dollar dinners are must try as a newbie, from none other than Wegmans themselves. Plus, their buffets and ready-to-go meals? Gourmet lunch under ten dollars. I’m sure of it.

Prepared meals and buffet at Wegmans.

3. Sushi, and lots of it.

Three different people asked me to bring them sushi. SUSHI. From a grocery store. I bet it’s not even prepackaged … and it’s awesome.

4. The goody bag.

Today I’ll be leaving with a complimentary to-go bag full of scrumptious prepared goodies. Actually, that’s my neighbor’s dream, and he might tackle me when I get home if I don’t snag him some goodies.

5. Cheeses! And Meats!

I can’t wait to get my hands on endless amounts of lovely imported and domestic cheeses, as well as special meats and charcuterie.

Specialty cheeses at Wegmans.
Photo via Wegmans


Specialty meats and charcuterie at Wegmans.
Photo via Wegmans

6. Budget-friendly pricing.

Their prices are competitive—no, better! —than my regular grocery store.

7. Parking is ample and there are multiple entrances.

There’s nothing worse than heading to a store (and especially a grocery store) and not having easy parking options. This lot is huge and has more than a few cart corrals, along with several entrances into the store itself. 

8. Their store brand beats the regular brands in cost and quality.

Since I’m not a name brand shopper, this is super appealing!

9. No lines.

There are no lines at checkout. Ever. If one starts to form, employees appear to open new lanes. It’s magical!

10. Expensive and hard-to-find treats.

There’s a special cabinet somewhere with super expensive truffles housed inside. And it’s LOCKED.

What’s your favorite thing about Wegmans in Frederick?

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4 Comments on “Wegmans: The Dream Before the Reality

  1. You will so not be disappointed. We live about 30 minutes from our Wegmans in Cherry Hill, NJ. My wife and I agreed that if ever we move we cannot really be any farther from a Wegmans than 30 minutes. So yes, we actually plan our lives around Wegmans.

  2. @Ben – you are soooo right. No disappointment after my visit.

    @Marcia – I didn’t realize they were only on the East Coast!

  3. I love Wegmans. I love them to the point that when they open one up in my area (30 minute drive) I am taking the morning off from work and I am going to be the 1st person in the door.

    That is my love for them, and now I am going to follow them on twitter.

    Does this mean I am a full blown Wegamaniac?

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