Kitchen Must Have – What’s Yours?

Last updated on March 7, 2011 by Liza Hawkins

I’m not a big fan of kitchen gadgets, especially those that are good for only one thing – and I DO realize that I’m in the minority here, as most people I know really love their food chopper, apple corer, etc.
Having said that, I definitely have a few go-to utensils that I swear I can’t live without, like a good knife or tongs. But, day-to day? My most used accoutrement is:

Wooden Spatula

I love my wooden spoons too, but there’s something about the flat edge of the spatula that makes it the ideal tool for a variety of cooking tasks, and it can effortlessly breeze between non-stick, cast iron, or stainless steel pans without worry of messing anything up.
What kitchen utensil or gadget can’t you live without?

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2 Comments on “Kitchen Must Have – What’s Yours?

  1. You’re right. There IS no other tool better at getting the last scraping of peanut butter out of the jar! I love mine for making scrambled eggs. 🙂

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