What's up with infomercials, anyway—by the way, have you tried the Perfect Brownie Pan?
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Perfect Brownie Pan

Last updated on May 26, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

What’s up with infomercials, anyway—by the way, have you tried the Perfect Brownie Pan?

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What's up with infomercials, anyway—by the way, have you tried the Perfect Brownie Pan?

Infomercial-style advertisers are geniuses.

It’s amazing how you can get sucked into one of their commercials, the equivalent of a “B” movie, and actually consider buying one of their products after thirty seconds of airtime.

In your heart you know it’s a waste of money, but maybe, just maybe, this time the product will be amazing just like they say.

What doesn’t help is that those commercials are able to suck kids in like yellow jackets to a can of syrupy soda—which explains why things like Flowbee are advertised on Nick Jr.

“Mom! You have to try the Perfect Brownie Pan … it bakes perfect brownies every time!”

“Mom…MOM! Big Top Cupcake! It makes giant cupcakes, and you can fill it with pudding or ice cream, or another kind of cake, or Jello, or…”

Who would’ve thunk kids would be willing excited to promote things that they can’t even use?

And as annoying as kids can be with the over and over and over and over obsessive/compulsive repetitive, “Can we can we can we can we????” followed by, “I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna,” well … ugh.

It’s almost simpler to buy the freakin’ brownie pan for $19.95 (plus postage and handling, and right now—for a limited time—by one get one free!) just to quell the incessant chatter.

And, it’s a good excuse to try one and not feel guilty about giving in to those smarty-pants infomercial ad execs.

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6 Comments on “Perfect Brownie Pan

  1. LOL – I actually had it in a cart at K-Mart when I was there a couple months ago. I was so frustrated with their lines and lack of any sense, that I put it back and left the store. Haven’t regretted it…. 🙂

  2. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  3. WE have the cupcake pan.. got it for B’s b-day party- it was a cupcake theme.

    Kind of a PITA to cook in though, and it doesn’t look as big as it does on the packaging!

    I’ve heard the brownie pan is great though!

  4. From the couple of comments I got on FB, it sounds like the biggest issue with the brownie pan is the fact that it cooks too quickly – nothing worse than crisp brownies! I might have to borrow my friend’s just to test it out myself.

    Wilton makes a giant cupcake pan too, and it looks a lot less “giant” in person. Big, but not giant.

  5. I have the Big top cupcake pan what a waste and its not that big either. If you really want a big cupcake make 3 layer cake then cook the top in a large pyrex bowl works a lot better.

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