Yellow Sponge[Bob] Cupcakes

As the October Food Challenge poll drew to a close, I have to admit that I was a little leery of the apparent winner “Yellow Sponge[Bob] Cupcakes with Patrick Strawberry Frosting.” Part of the leeriness came from being overwhelmed by the thought of creating SpongeBob and his character friends on little cupcakes, and the other part came from the fact that the Dark Chocolate Chunk Ginger cupcake sounded oh-so-yummy and I really wanted to make those. But it wasn’t my choice now, was it?

I spent Sunday night working with Wilton fondant until 11pm, and my helpful sister gladly pitched in for an hour of the sculpting and made two characters.

Did I mention I’ve never worked with fondant before? Yeah, never. (No wonder I was leery.)

Having said that, it was a lot of fun using it to make SpongeBob and his friends! I wish I had had more time, because I would have created a few more characters – Squidward, Mrs. Puff, Larry the Lobster, etc. All in all, this challenge tested my abilities, and I’m grateful for that. Thanks for the fun guys!

sponge bob and friends
Sponge Bob and Friends


(Sculpted by Josie)


Sponge Bob SquarePants


(Sculpted by Josie)


Sponge Bob’s Pineapple House
Patrick Starfish


Eugene H. Krabbs

By the way, Jack had first pick of the cupcakes, and he chose Sponge Bob. To quote him, “Sponge Bob is yummy!”

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