Versatile Blogger Nom – Take 2

Last updated on October 21, 2010 by Liza Hawkins

I’ve recently been re-nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by two blogger friends of mine. It’s not truly an “award” per say, but really a recognition piece between bloggers and their readers that says, “I really enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate that it’s not the same hum-drum stuff every day.” Also, it gives you (both blogger and reader) the opportunity to discover other creative and awesome blogs. I love paying it forward – and that’s the best part of this kind of stuff, albeit a little corny sometimes!

So, a BIG thank you Lynda at Health In Him and Jennifer at This Wife Don’t Cook for the October nominations! Two very different bloggers, both in style and content, I enjoy reading both – and really, isn’t this award about variety? Perfect.

Here’s how it works. As a winner of the Versatile Blogger award, I need to:

  1. Show some love to the Versatile Blogger(s) who nominated me.
  2. List 10 things I like.
  3. Hand out awards to 10 other lovely, versatile bloggers.

The things I like are simple: family, friends, food in all forms, movies, books, music, writing, TV, social networking, and positive attitudes.

And the following bloggers all exhibit parts of the things I like – the things that are important to me – and that’s why I find myself drawn to their blog space on a regular basis! Here’s the blog roll:
Thank you all for providing wonderful reading and learning experiences! And, if you feel moved, it’s time for you to pay it forward! 🙂

Hi, I'm Liza — a self-proclaimed word-nerd who loves getting lost in whimsical stories and epic movies. I have laid-back, practical attitude towards life and am always on the hunt for good eats, easy recipes, binge-worthy shows, relaxing road trip destinations, the perfect fizzy gin cocktail, and time to finish my novel!

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