Musings: The Everlasting Happy Meal

Last updated on October 14, 2010 by Liza Hawkins

I’m gonna come right out and say it: We eat McDonald’s at our house.

Not all the time, not regularly, but we do eat it a couple times a month. Having said that, when I saw this article I wanted to find it cringe-inducing enough to swear off Happy Meals forever and ever. I really did want that.

Yes, it’s gross that the burger and fries don’t really change aesthetically (aside from becoming mummified). And it does make me wonder just how many preservatives are in the food in order to keep it looking that way for 180 days. No mold, no bugs, no…different.

Photo courtesy of WalletPop.comSally Davies.

McDonald’s isn’t touted as the place to go for healthy food. But “healthy” isn’t really what this artist was trying to discern, at least from a fat and caloric standpoint. Does this change your opinion of their food? What do you think?

Honestly? We’ll still have an occasional McDonald’s meal. Just sayin’.

Fascinating though….

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  1. To be honest, even knowing this I wouldn’t stop going. I’m the same, and go sporadically – when you walk in you are kind of accepting the fact it’s not great food. That is gross though!

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