Kitchen Staples

Having the right tools on hand can make even the most novice home cook feel prepared to tackle just about anything. I’ve found that it’s not a large assortment of gadgets that make life easier, rather it’s far more effective to have a smaller set of good, quality kitchen tool staples.


Knives are part of my 20 kitchen must-haves!


My top 20 kitchen staples include:

1. Large, medium and small non-stick skillets
2. Large, medium and small pots
3. Large, medium and small mixing bowls
4. Cast iron skillet
5. Dutch oven
6. Slow cooker
7. 2-quart and 1.5-quart casserole dishes
8. Large and small baking sheets
9. Wooden and plastic cutting boards
10. Quality knives: chef, santoku and paring
11. Large whisk
12. Kitchen tongs
13. Microplane
14. 2-cup glass measuring cup
15. Metal set of measuring cups and spoons
16. Box grater
17. Colander
18. Wooden spoon and spatula
19. Heat safe rubber spatula
20. Vegetable peeler

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