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Catfish Recipes

Last updated on June 10, 2019 by Liza Hawkins

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Every single one of these catfish recipes looks mouthwateringly delicious.

Catfish recipes that will leave you drooling.

A few years ago I learned that August happens to be National Catfish Month. It seems everything has a holiday now … even catfish!

I’m always on board for celebrating a food holiday, and of all the fish options out there, catfish seems like a missed opportunity so much of the time.

You see lots of tilapia and salmon on restaurant menus and in the grocery store, no matter where you live. It’s like chicken, they’re so common.

In the Mid-Atlantic region, common fish you find available include striped bass (also locally known as striper and rockfish), Bluefish, Blue Marlin and blue crabs (not really fish, but you know, Maryland) … and sometimes catfish.

Catfish recipes are something special, though … especially blackened, and doubly-especially in tacos. Mmm…

And even though it’s not a fatty fish like salmon, there are still some health benefits to choosing catfish—it’s a source of omega fatty acids and, if caught wild, an excellent source of vitamin D and other nutrients.

Catfish also happens to be a really versatile white fish in terms of how you can prepare and serve it. Steam it, blacken it, grill it, stew it, pan-fry it or even air-fry it … the sky’s the limit.

It’s worth noting that catfish has notoriously difficult skin to remove raw, so in addition to adding flavor, always try to cook it with the skin on, especially if you’ll be searing it in a pan.

Use these catfish recipes for inspiration on your next trip to the market!

Catfish Recipes

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