Family Meal in Frederick, MD. Yum!
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Family Meal: Happy Hour

Last updated on January 29, 2020 by Liza Hawkins

Admittedly, happy hours aren’t a regular occurrence these days. In fact, I’m not sure they ever were.

But, what I DO know is this: happy hour as a grown-up (versus the happy hours I knew as a college student – whoa) can be really fun if done right.

I belong to a small group of co-workers who have a recurring calendar reminder to meet once a month for happy hour, right after work. Destination TBD, but always somewhere in Frederick, MD, and ideally downtown.

The reality? We end up managing one … maybe two … of those meet-ups per year. Because, you know, life.

Three of us were able to finagle our schedules and meet recently. It was a feat, and not one to take lightly.

The destination? Family Meal in Frederick.

The goal? Lots of chatter, happy hour eats and at least one drink.

If you’ve never been to Family Meal, then you’re sorely missing out.

And, if you’ve never visited Family Meal during happy hour, then you’re REALLY missing out.

Items from the regular menu are pulled off and placed on a rack card, and made available at ridiculously low prices.

Like, chicken pot pie fritters — one of my “have to get them every time” appetizers — for a couple dollars, low.

Or fried sliced pickles. Mmm…

I cheated last visit though. Yes, I had pot pie fritters. I might’ve even snatched a couple pickle slices from my co-worker’s plate. I then went beyond the appetizers.

Happy Hour at Family Meal in Frederick, MD. Yum!

I also ordered dinner. {GASP!}

How un-happy hour of me, right? Who. Cares.

I was starving, and I was also stuck in Frederick until later that evening when it was time to pick up my daughter from dance.

So, you know…

I ordered Family Meal’s arugula salad with thinly sliced beets and dollops of bleu cheese, drizzled with a honey and red wine vinegar dressing. And just for fun (and a little protein), a seared piece of steak cooked medium rare.

Perfection on a plate and in my belly.

“Wait. What’s that drink in the background,” you ask?

It’s a Spring Fling!

Also known as: gin, aperol, lemon, and sparkling wine. Not too sweet, and also very, VERY refreshing. *Dangerously* refreshing.

I stopped at one, thankful to have had a hearty meal to go along with it.

Happy Hour at Family Meal in Frederick, MD. YUM!

Family Meal has a ton of other fun cocktails too, as well as a host of beers on tap (including Flying Dog’s Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale), wine and … BOOZY MILKSHAKES.

Also, ladies take note! Due to popular demand, they’ve installed purse hooks at the bar, in a place SO discreet, the bartender said no one ever notices them: on the right side of the bar stools! Awesome.

So many reasons to love happy hour at Family Meal (including the fact that it has a giant, easy to navigate, FREE, parking lot).

Read about Family Meal’s sister restaurant, Volt, also in downtown Frederick.

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