10 Gloriously Epic Cooking Fails To Make You Feel Better In The Kitchen!
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19 Gloriously Epic Cooking Fails To Make You Feel Better In The Kitchen

Last updated on March 17, 2016 by Liza Hawkins

We’ve all been there.

The Jello-O that won’t set. The baked pork chops that actually turn into pork chips. The souffle that soufalls.

If you can’t laugh at a kitchen disaster or a cooking fail, then it’s time to take a step back and realize it can all be fun: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Misery loves company, after all! Even in the kitchen.

19 Gloriously Epic Cooking Fails To Make You Feel Better In The Kitchen!!!

19 Gloriously Epic Cooking Fails

1. The Omelette Fail

 2. The Hidden Plastic Fail

3. The Wonton Fail

 4. The Foodie Fail

5. The Not-Heat-Safe Utensil Fail 

6. The “Dry” VS. “Fresh” Fail 

7. The Mushroom Fail

8. The Birthday Cake Fail 

9. The Waffle Fail

10. The Blender Fail 

11. The Cheesy Fail 

Proper Boozey Cheese & Toast. Nailed it.

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12. The Fancy Pancake Fail 

13. The Icing Fail 

Well I think I nailed the smooth iced cake business #cookingfail #icingfail #homemadecake #nailedit

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14. The Pancake Fail (Again) 

15. The Roasted Veggie Fail 

That time when at 5am, you remembered you were cooking squash. #cookingfail #burned

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16. The Fried Food Fail 

17. The Baking Sheet Fail 

remains of the Shattered Baking Sheet Incident of 2016. only the strong will survive in my kitchen.

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18. The Pot Pie Fail 

19. The Muffin Fail

Noooooo. Sometimes you win and sometimes you struggle. I have been feeling off all day, so I decided to head to the grocery store for breakfast muffin ingredients. My husband loves to take muffins to work and we usually just buy the giant (not at all healthy) ones from Costco. Baking and cooking is super therapeutic for me, and also a way I can show my guy a little love. Spent some precious afternoon nap time/alone time mixing these up. I could tell they weren’t going to turn out, but kept thinking “there’s delicious chocolate chunks inside! I have to follow through!” So, now I am sitting here picking chocolate chunks out of the rubble😏, and feeling super glad I decided to mix up a double batch😂. How is your Monday going? Anyone have a good breakfast muffin recipe they want to send me? 😘

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And, there you have it. Feel better?

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  1. Ha ha ha it’s reminds me my old days when i started learning cooking , but we learn when we fail and it give us inspirations. Your post will give moral boost to newbies and feel them better for sure that they are not alone who make mistakes when try 1st time.

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