Giant's new World Menu line!

Giant’s World Menu

Last updated on October 5, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

Giant Food, LLC, recently announced its new World Menu line, and sent me a gift card with an invitation to try mixing it in with our crazy lifestyle.

Giant's new World Menu line!

Let’s face it. Sometimes even the best foodies like a little help in the kitchen, especially when faced with an impossible weekly schedule of commitments spanning several counties, and containing multiple family members (in different places, no less).

Obviously I love cooking from scratch.

I’m also not afraid of take-out. In fact, sometimes I crave a really good steak ‘n cheese from the pizza place in town.

But there’s something that fits in-between fast food and from scratch home cooking, a gap that Giant is filling with its new World Menu line.

Its products include a large assortment of internationally inspired meals in the freezer isle, from Asian to Italian—and more! My ten-year-old loves freezer meals, because she can get home from a busy dance night (late) and pop one in the microwave all on her own. Plus, it’s one less thing for me to worry about.

This is right up her alley.

From Giant:

Customers can find more than 50 World Menu products throughout the store, including a large assortment in the frozen department.

With the World Menu Italian line, you can bring the bold flavors of Italy home with a trip to your local Giant. Starting with classic pastas, cheeses and herbs—all imported straight from Italy— the products feature fresh, peak quality ingredients like broccoli rabe, spicy red peppers and wild forest mushrooms.

Products include a variety of frozen pastas, eggplant parmiggiana, broccoli rabe risotto and spicy arrabbiata, among others.

With World Menu, you can also invite the flavors of Asia to your table with Asian-inspired frozen meals, featuring tender seafood, chicken and pork.

These dishes are paired with fresh vegetables and savory sauces for mouthwatering flavors.

Items include pot stickers, egg rolls, Mandarin orange chicken, shrimp lo mein, General Tso chicken, sesame chicken with brown rice and Japanese fried rice, in addition to other varieties.

How fun, right?

It’s all about unique flavors and simple preparations.

It’s not just frozen meals, but also things like sauces and spices to help encourage semi-homemade dishes.

For more information on World Menu products, stop into your local Giant or visit

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