august food holidays, national food holidays, american food holidays

National Food Holidays in August

Last updated on August 3, 2014 by Liza Hawkins

Warm, muggy days are here in Maryland – typical for the end of summer, and especially August. With only a week left until my kids go back to school, we’re frantically trying to cram in everything from vacation clean-up to last visits with the ice cream truck and the neighborhood pool.

Part of me will miss the slow summer mornings where I don’t have to get my 8-year old up and ready for school while I’m also getting ready for work, but the other part of me is eager to get back to a “normal” routine. Plus, the start of school means fall is right around the corner…and those of you that have been following me these last couple of years know that fall is my absolute favorite time of year her in the Mid-Atlantic.

In terms of the national food holidays in August, we have a great blend of savory and sweet – but really good sweet, and right in time for August trips to the orchard for fresh peaches and other treats. Enjoy!

august food holidays, national food holidays, american food holidays

National Food Holidays: August

August 1 – National IPA Day

August 2 – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

August 3 – National Watermelon Day

August 4 – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 5 – National Oyster Day

August 6 – National Root Beer Float Day

August 7 – National Raspberries ‘n Cream Day

August 8 – National Frozen Custard Day

August 9 – National Rice Pudding Day

August 10 – National S’mores Day

August 11 – National Raspberry Tart Day

August 12 – National Julienne Fries Day

August 13 – National Filet Mignon Day

August 14 – National Creamsicle Day

August 15 – National Lemon Meringue Pie Day (and happy birthday to Julia Child!)

August 16 – National Bratwurst Day

August 17 – National Vanilla Custard Day

August 18 – National Soft Ice Cream Day

August 19 – National Potato Day

August 20 – National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

August 21 – National Pecan Torte Day

August 22 – National Spumoni Day

August 23 – National Sponge Cake Day

August 24 – National Peach Pie Day

August 25 – National Whiskey Sour Day

August 26 – National Cherry Popsicle Day

August 27 – National Pots de Crème Day & National Banana Lover’s Day

August 28 – National Cherry Turnover Day

August 29 – National Chop Suey Day

August 30 – National Toasted Marshmallow Day

August 31 – National Trail Mix Day


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