So, it turns out Alton Brown tweets back!
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Alton Brown’s Food Network Star Persona: Alton Tweets Back!

Last updated on May 31, 2018 by Liza Hawkins

So, it turns out Alton Brown tweets back.

He. Reads. His. Tweets.

And perhaps I’m a little unnerved humored by the fact that he may have but probably didn’t read my blog post from earlier this week where I suggested that his attitude might improve if he put on 10 pounds.

You know, because sometimes I get cranky when I get too hungry, and perhaps that’s affecting his temperament? That.

On Wednesday I asked people if they thought Alton Brown’s persona on Food Network Star was the real “him.” If it was genuine.

Tweet to Alton about Food Network Star

And I received a myriad of comments on Facebook and Twitter, and on the the blog. Some longed for the Alton they’re most familiar with, the Alton from Good Eats and Iron Chef America.

Others were quick to point out that editing is everything, and perhaps the snippets we’re seeing on the show aren’t showing the full picture of what Alton and the other coaches are dealing with.

Imagine that.

I’d have to surmise that the pressure of coaching both individuals and a team to Food Network greatness is enormous. Compounded with being under the microscopic scrutiny of your loving viewers, that pressure can make for a tense situation (to put it lightly), and an uber-intense personality.

And guess what? Alton Brown himself confirmed just that when he TWEETED ME BACK TODAY.

Alton Brown tweets back!

I was at lunch with my sister when I saw this [above] tweet.

I was omigosh so very very very a little excited to see that he took eight seconds out of his busy Food Network life to write back and confirm that the person on “Food Network Star” IS really him. That’s his personality: the good, the bad and the ugly. The stressed, worried, uncertain, (maybe a little grumpy), under extreme pressure, Alton.

He’s normal.

I’ve never denied my inherent geeky-ness. Star Trek: The Next Generation was one of my favorite shows growing up. So, to be giddy about something like a tweet from Alton didn’t surprise my sister at all.

Actually she was geekily-giddy right along with me. Because we’re both huge Alton Brown fans, and have been for years.

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6 Comments on “Alton Brown’s Food Network Star Persona: Alton Tweets Back!

  1. Yahoo! Alton and Morimoto are the only reasons I still watch Iron Chef. I think he’s amazing and I love learning from him. I think they need to host a “Who Wants To Assist Alton On Good Eats” contest. I’d even be the okra if I won.

    He’s awesome and I think it’s very cool that he tweeted you back.

  2. It is excellent that Alton Brown tweeted back. His response was exactly what I would have expected from him. Your experience renews my interest in Twitter. There’s way to much one way communication and I’ve been bored with it lately. Maybe I’ll spend a little more time there today.

  3. He is an epic asshole. He told my friend he would never read her fansite for him because he had problems with OTHER websites (not hers)!! She raised money on that site for his favorite charity and he never so much as thanked her for getting $500 for a Heifer International gift in HIS honor. I dislike him more than I can express for that. A+ Asshole

  4. Lol trust me, I squealed myself the first time he responded to me too 😉 He’s actually responded to a number of my tweets (not that I’m bragging or anything lol but it helps to catch him when he’s “on” twitter otherwise he probably won’t even see it) I love that it’s really HIM on twitter and not some PR rep, you know? For me, it helps the Good Eats withdrawals. Especially when he goes off on little tangents about cooking zombie brains and stuff lol

  5. @Donna – Twitter is truly boring when you’re not engaged in conversation with people!

    @Writer Chick – I’m sorry. 🙁

    @Amy – Agree that it’s refreshing to know it’s him, not someone speaking for him. I think most of the FN personalities handle their own Twitter accounts. Zombie brains, LOL!

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