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Celebrating National Moscato Day with @GalloFamily

Last updated on May 8, 2012 by Liza Hawkins

 I love wine.
Since having kids my taste has shifted from rich, deeply flavored red wines to crisp, tart white wines. This  shift appears to be the opposite of most women, whose taste often starts with sweet white (hello, white zin) and grows into grown-up red.
Children do strange things to one’s body, and I suppose this is just another example of how. I’m not complaining though – red has its advantages (ability to taste yummy at room-temp is one), but as we head into summer, a chilled white trumps room-temp red. Just my opinion.
Last week I received a box from Gallo Family Vineyards and inside it contained two bottles of their peachy, citrus-y Moscato wine. It was sent to me as part of a promotion for the first annual National Moscato Day.
The fact that my favorite whites are crisp, sour and tart, however, doesn’t stop me from trying something that’s outside of my “typical” comfort zone.
Moscato isn’t known for being particularly tart nor sour. It is known for being sweet and fruity – almost like a dessert wine, but not so syrupy that you couldn’t have it with dinner.
So tonight I cracked open a chilled bottle, and poured a glass to enjoy with my simple seared chicken and creamy mashed potatoes. And I hoped, quietly to myself, that this Moscato wouldn’t be too sweet.

I was pleasantly surprised by this bottle of wine. While not as tart as my normal go-to wine, it was crisp and light, with a distinct fruity note that gave it the Moscato sweetness. It paired nicely with my meal, and I poured a second glass to enjoy as dessert – with an ice cube to keep it extra chilled. (Don’t judge the cube.)
Want to know more about Gallo and their Moscato? Here goes:

  • The Gallo family has been making wine since 1933.
  • Wine-making since 1933 means FOUR generations of Gallos!
  • Titratable Acidity: 0.69 | pH: 3.07 | Alcohol Content (%V/V): 8.84%
  • Pairs great with soft and hard cheeses, as well as spicy foods, or even a dessert.
  • A 750mL bottle’s suggested retail price is only $5.00!
If you’re interested in learning more about National Moscato Day and you’re on Twitter, you should join me for the Gallo Family Vineyards/National Moscato Day Mom It Forward #gno Twitter party on Wednesday, May 9 from 9-10 PM ET. We’ll be using both the #gno and the #MoscatoDay hashtags to keep the conversation flowing, so make sure to take note!
Hope to see you at Wednesday night’s Twitter party! Cheers!

Disclaimer: Gallo Family Vineyards provided the wine for this review post and compensated me for participation in this campaign. My thoughts and opinions, however? They are my own. Always.

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5 Comments on “Celebrating National Moscato Day with @GalloFamily

  1. I was [admittedly] surprised to enjoy this one as much as I did. I typically gravitate towards tart wines like Pinot Grigio, but this one – while definitely sweet – was still very good. 🙂

  2. I’m not really a sweet wine person at all, but you make a convincing argument. Here in NC, Moscato is HUGE! It’s more difficult to find other types of wines. But slowly NC is finding the winery niche. We have maybe two favorites to visit and one of them has an attached farm and restaurant. They even have CSA shares. And they use their organic garden for the restaurant. The plus is, I can even eat there with my allergies! Great chef.

  3. @Heather – wow, that’s interesting! If you do try the Moscato, keep it as cold as possible. Once it started to warm in the glass, it got too sweet for my taste. This is why an ice cube worked for me. Frozen fruit might be good too. 🙂

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