Why You Should Use A French Press

Got A French Press But Never Use It?

Last updated on August 2, 2015 by Liza Hawkins

I want to share my latest post for Tots2Tweens.com because I feel like there are more in-home coffee drinkers out there who have a French press phobia that aren’t talking about it.

And really? You shouldn’t be scared.

Not only is a French press simple to use, it brews [arguably] the best coffee around. Fine dining restaurants (ahem, VOLT) use a French press table-side for their guests, and you can brew the same coffee goodness right at your own kitchen table too!

Click here to read more – including 8 easy steps to brew the perfect pressed pot!

Why You Should Use A French Press
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5 Comments on “Got A French Press But Never Use It?

  1. I have a French Press (in fact, I have three sizes: single cup, two cup, and giant) and I am not afraid of it. Have been using it for many years. Not every day, but often. The BEST COFFEE EVER!!!

    It also works well for loose tea.


  2. @The Mom Chef – you’re absolutely right, you might have to. 🙂 They make great gifts too though….

    @JoAnn – It IS the best coffee ever. Great idea for loose tea; had never thought to use it that way!

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